Project Mecha - Mecha Aatrox, Mecha Malphite, Ward, and Summoner Icon now available!

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The new Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Malphite skins are now available for purchase! These two high tech heavy weights are on sale for 975 RP until July 28th, at which point they will go back up to their normal 1350 RP price point. You can also pick up the Mecha Ward for 640 RP and the Mecha Icon for 250 RP.
Continue reading to ready up and roll out for a preview at the new content!

Project MECHA

Titled "Project MECHA" these new skins have their own dedicated promo page, showing off all the upgrades they have received, a little story sniplet, and pricing info:
“Project: MECHA is my first collaboration with fellow scientists. We’ve upgraded all weapons with Hextech components and enabled transformation protocols on their escape mechanisms. Hmm… the other two also added jet boosters to their ultimates. Wonderfully efficient!
By my calculations, we’ve made Prototypes 06 and 13 even better than Prototype 00. Better… stronger… more volatile. This calls for live-fire testing!”
- Prof. Heimerdinger
Participate in Project: MECHA with Mecha Malphite and Mecha Aatrox, available now in the League of Legends store for 1350 RP each (on sale for 975 RP through July 28). You can also acquire the MECHA Ward and Icon for 640 RP and 250 RP respectively."

The mini site also features 1920 x 1080 versions of the new skin splashes!

The Mecha Skins

Mecha Aatrox

975 Sale until July 28th or normally 1350 RP

For his recall animation, Mecha Aatrox morphs into a freaking jet. 
 Q'sanimation is a bit complicated! He thrusts up, morphs into his plane, and lands with a digital explosion!
This is his W while not active ( green for healing ) and while active ( orange with red pulse for damage )
Mecha Aatrox's ultimate triggers his wing boosters and turns him red!

Mecha Malphite

975 Sale until July 28th or normally 1350 RP

For his recall animation, Mecha Malphite morphs into a drill! I can dig it!
When Mecha Malphite's passive is down, he turns red!

Mecha Ward Skin

To go along with our new skins, we also have a high tech new ward!

Mecha Ward

640 RP 

Mecha Summoner Icon

250 RP

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