[Champion Preview] Gnar - Discovering the Link

Posted on at 1:10 PM by Moobeat
A champion preview for our next champion, GNAR, just went out! Titled "Discovering the link", the teaser includes a series of ancient yordle drawings and a frightening beast bursting out of ice in the bottom panel!

[ Check out the teaser here ] 

Continue reading for screen caps from the promo and a better look at what just broke free...

First off, here is the current background on the official website:

After following the link to "Discovering the Link", the promo page leads you through a series of panels, which seem to be a look into ancient yordle history!
 We can see what looks like a small yordle village or family, one who has a boomerang..
...and then they are attacked by a monster! 
But the small yordle with bones in it's hair seems to transform to defend against the monster!
The last panel shows what appears to be a yordle breaking out of the ice...

Want to see that end animation again? 

A few other points of interest:

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