League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn

Posted on at 5:09 AM by Moobeat
The dawn has arrived - "A New Dawn", the latest League of Legends Cinematic, is here!

"Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises."
Continue reading for more information! Including a Behind The Scenes vid, concept art, and more!

Behind the Scenes

"Following A Twist of Fate, we created A New Dawn to explore fleshed-out champion interpretations and brutal team fights in ways they’ve never been seen before.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below for a look at how we tapped into character design, music, animation, and even classic Foley techniques to showcase some of your favorite champions slugging it out for blood, guts, and glory."

Concept Art

The dedicated mini site also has a ton of concept art for the various champions featured in the cinematic!



The minisite also has lots scenes available as wallpapers!

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