Superfans assemble - Details on upcoming skins and returning World Cup skins available through July 13th

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With the World Cup starting today, Riot has released details on the five upcoming football skins that are currently on the PBE - they will be released in an upcoming patch and will be permanent additions to the store.

Alongside those five upcoming skins, we have return of the original four World Cup skins for Akali, Blitzcrank, Ezreal, and Katarina! These four skins, which were originally released as limited skins back in 2010, are available again through July 13th.
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 Here's Riot Paradox with the scoop: 
"Every four years, countries from around the globe gather for the world’s most widely viewed sporting event. This year, we’ll be releasing five new skins, a ward skin and a summoner icon in celebration. These new skins aren’t Legacy skins; they’ll be available year round once they’re released. 
  • Sweeper Alistar
  • Goalkeeper Maokai
  • Striker Lucian
  • Red Card Twisted Fate
  • Superfan Gragas 
From June 12 through July 13, we’re also digging deep in the Legacy vault to bring back skins from the last time around! 
  • All-star Akali – 975 RP
  • Goalkeeper Blitzcrank – 520 RP
  • Striker Ezreal – 520 RP
  • Red Card Katarina – 975 RP 
If you’re a true soccer superfan, you can buy them all at once in the Soccer Swag Bundle for 20% off –2392 RP (4992 RP if champs needed)"

[Note:] Just to be clear, these - Sweeper Alistar, Goalkeeper Maokai, Striker Lucian, Red Card Twisted Fate, and Superfan Gragas - skins are not yet available yet and will very likely be coming along with patch 4.10. Check out our PBE coverage for previews.

Now let's take a better look at the returning World Cup 2010 skins, which are moving from limited edition skins to legacy skins ( meaning summoners who purchased the skins way back in 2010 have received special perks ) , and are available between now and July 13th:

All-Star Akali

975 RP

Goalkeeper Blitzcrank

520 RP

Striker Ezreal

520 RP

Red Card Katarina

975 RP

Alternatively, these four returning World Cup skins are available in a "Soccer Swag Bundle" for 2392 RP ( 4992 RP if you need the champions  ), a 20% discount.

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