Spanish Summoner's Rift Live Stream

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Earlier today, the Spanish EUW team hosted a brief livestream showing off the upcoming Summoner's Rift update! They did a full tour of the map, including a lot of things not previewed in the Pre Beta footage such as the new Razorbeak camp, Baron's awesome new spawn animation, and much more!
Continue reading for an encore of the 45 minute long stream and screencaps of all the awesome and a list of similar streams for other languages have been announced for later in the week.

[ REMEMBER: This is all a heavy work in progress. This footage comes from an internal build and IS NOT FROM THE PBE. What you see is tentative and subject to change.]

[ If you can't access youtube, there's is VOD!

Let's take a closer look at some of the juicy stuff!

One of the most exciting things previewed is Baron's new spawn animation!

Baron slithers in
slither slither
Baron standard attack, the other abilities weren't functioning correctly and were not previewed.
Baron dying, fades away.
A new gate that spawns at the very beginning of the match
a blue side super minion
Lazer line fire attack from Dragon
Dragon's second attack is a fireball that explodes.

Blue buff camp - Blue Sentinel + Sentry

Rock beetle like creatures replacing double golems -  Ancient Krug and Krug
Crimson Razorbeak and Razorbeaks , replacing the wraiths
a fallen tower.
Blue side red camp - Red Brambleback and Cinderling
Red Side red camp
Blue inhib
Blue nexus
a blue side tower.

Red nexus
Red Tower and inhib
Minions op
Red Shop keep up close
The view from the top left of the map.

Already itching for more? Similar streams in other languages have already been announced and more are rolling in!
In the end, each language *will very very likely* have it's own streaming session, no worries!

Be sure to check the featured comment in our comment section for a translation of the commentary during and Q&A at the end of the stream! 

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