River Spirit Nami now available!

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 [ Update : Added in a translation of the Portuguese folklore story! ]

Featuring vibrant colors and a haunting new recall, River Spirit Nami is now available for 975 RP!
Continue reading to reel in a better look at Nami's latest skin!

River Spirit Nami

975 RP
From the official announcement:  
"The young farmer had walked this way home countless times before. Beside the jungle, the path stretched from crop to home, but lately he’d found himself a companion on his long trek: a song, drifting through the woods with the cool fall breeze. He’d always ignored his curiosity before – pulled his hood up and marched on home – but this time… it was different. It was calling to him. The boy paused, peering into the mighty woods beside him. Without thinking, he dove into the trees. 
The song filled him, pulling him through the brush. Thorns and nettles clawed at him, tearing through his clothes and ripping his flesh as he sped through the woods. Louder still, the melancholy voice sung. 
Finally, he burst through the undergrowth and fell into an open grove. The boy, gasping for breath, stumbled to his feet and looked around. Evening sunlight danced through the canopy, and in the grove’s center lay a crystal- clear pond filled with water lilies. River Spirit Nami sat at its heart, her emerald mane of hair framing a wide smile on her pale face. Humming, she beckons him forward, healing his wounds with faerie-touched water. Step by step, he wades into the pool, the water coming to his chest as he lurches deeper into the pool. Tears stream down his face. River Spirit Nami pulls him towards her, wrapping him in an embrace. Slowly, she slips beneath the surface, dragging him into oblivion.

Soothe your allies and enthrall your foes with River Spirit Nami, available now in the League of Legends store for 975 RP."

If you've found yourself particularly charmed by River Spirit Nami, you might be interested in the Portuguese skin teasers from the BR server!
"Contos do Fabulista"
You can also find these stories wrapped together into the River Spirit Nami BR promo page! 
"A Lenda da Nami Iara"
Don't know Portuguese? No problem! Here's a translation of the Iara folklore which this skin is based on:
"Gather around, listeners: the Keeper of Legends enters the scene.

Far away from the dark ocean depths, there is a tribe of amphibious beings that inhabit rivers and lakes. Harmonious with nature, this mysterious, recluse civilization has as its supreme law and eternal mission to defend the natural life. 
A tragic episode of this noble folk has changed its history's course. Have a seat and hear the legend I am about to tell you.

Young, beautiful, promising: loved by many, despised by others.

Of brown skin, black long hair and merciful eyes, a young witchdoctor had a promising future ahead of her. She was one with the wild, a fact that would raise all sort of small talk, such as the power of seamlessly communicating with animals. Upon hearing those, she would unfold a humble and sweet smile.

Her unique beauty and grace attracted the respect and marvel of her peers - as well as there were others who felt envy and resentment.

The call of duty: a mirror-shaped mystery.

Once, a message from an unknown entity was left by her home. Without a doubt a call to action: a certain lake by the border of a big city was about to have its aquatic life put in danger by the pour of polluting substances. "Find the circular mirror by the riverbed and bring it to the surface if you wish to know who I am," read the letter.

In order to avoid raising distrust, the young woman left afterdark a cloudy night to investigate such calamity. Little did she know what awaited her...

A victim of her own gullibility: a life cut short.

By reaching the lake, as crystalline as never before — a circumstance contrary to the written description in the mysterious message — she found the circular mirror on its bottom. Upon reaching back the surface, the ambush revealed itself: a party of evildoers, lurking in the shadows, attacked her with arrows and spears, taking away her life.

Confused and hopeless, a terrifying revelation flashed upon her last vision of her earthly life: the offending arrows had her own tribe's engraving on them.

Nature's compassion: her story does not end here.

While her lifeless body sank to the depths of the lake, the clouds above her started to clear up, unmasking a full moon bright enough to cast light all over the place. As if nature felt pity of the injustice that young woman had suffered, a cluster of flesh-eating fishes - considered by everyone as a threat - rose to the surface.

With a circle of fishes around her and a beam of moonlight, something unexpected and magical happened. Her legend wouldn't end there.

From rivers and lakes, reborn under the moonlight: her name is Nami Iara.

Soon after a white flash, she was reborn - a bit different though. The mirror she found was now attached to a rod, in which she saw herself reflected under the moonlight. Although she featured the war marks of her tribe, her skin was now pale; her locks of hair, erstwhile as black as night, were now as green as the top of a tree.

Graced by the kind of the nature she swore to protect and burdened with her sorrowing past, Nami Iara returned to life as a guardian of the natural world - and as a power much bigger than what she had ever dreamed of."

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