Red Post Collection: Pentakill's "Smite and Ignite" out now, Darius changes in the works, and more!

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[ Update #2: The PENTAKILL Icon is now up in the shop alongside a PENTAKILL champion & skin bundle] 

Tonight's red post collection features the release of PENTAKILL's "Smite and Ignite" album, details on how to snag a PENTAKILL summoner icon, Riot Scruffy on Darius changes in works, and more!
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Pentakill's "Smite and Ignite" Album Out Now

[ Update ~11:30 AM PST ] The PENTAKILL icon is now available in the shop! You can snag it for 250 RP, 1500 IP ( until June 9th ), or just by playing a game with a PENTAKILL skin

Additionally, a PENTAKILL champion and skin flex bundle ( 4345 RP if you need all five champions and skins ) is now available!

Pentakill's full length album "Smite and Ignite" is out now
"The time has come. The era of metal has begun. Download the full Smite and Ignite album.
After devastating Runeterra with their ear-splitting riffs and ground-pounding rhythms, the metal monolith that is Pentakill has finally reached our shores. 
But Pentakill’s not just in your ears, destroying your minds. This patch, we’re updating each of the Pentakill skin splashes, sprucing up Pentakill Mordekaiser, Pentakill Sona and Pentakill Karthus’ in-game models and introducing a new Pentakill summoner icon in celebration of metal’s return. You’ll be able to earn the icon by playing a game with any of the Pentakill skins (One For All’s not included!), or pick up the icon for 250 RP or 1500 IP from June 3 to June 9 (normally only purchasable with RP).
Either way, crank the volume up to 11 and get your metal hands ready, because it’s time to rock out!" 

In addition to the previously released Deathfire Grasp, Lightbringer, and Ohmwrecker tracks, videos have been uploaded for the rest of the album! Check out Last Whisper, Thornmail, Orb of Winter, The Prophecy, and The Hex Core!

Over on reddit, fizznchips also commented we'll get a full album credits and an updated PENTAKILL website tomorrow!
"We'll have credits and more come out with the Pentakill website tomorrow! Hold tight, duders. :)"
[ Update ] Here's a link to the complete website! 

Praeco also added in:
"The only singers on this album are Jorn and ZP"

Darius Update still in the works

Riot Scruffy popped on the community beta to confirm the team is still grinding their axes on gameplay updates for Darius!

"Darius is still being worked on by the Champion Update team, and we're still iterating on his gameplay. So no solid release date yet, but he is actively in progress. 
Directionally, we are still working with the same goals Morello had mentioned in earlier posts: longer ramp up with a higher payoff. The goal is that the interesting gameplay moments come when the Darius player is fighting for "just a little longer" and the enemy is in more of a hit and run pattern to not let him build up too high."

Rumble Q Bug Fix in 4.9

Follow on Pwyff's earlier comments, Dannamoth reiterated that a bugfix for Rumble's Q should be going out in the upcoming 4.9 patch:
"A fix for rumble should be going out in the next patch."

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