This Week in eSports - All-Star 2014 this week & Big Team News

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With All-Star 2014 and the Summer Split right around the corner, the eSports world is a flame with more news than you can shake a pentakill at - ZionSpartan & Shiphter joining Dignitas, The Odd One stepping down from TSM, Xpecial joining Curse, Alex Ich leaving Gambit Gaming,  and much more!
Continue reading for a look at this week's All-Star event and a recap the rest of the off season madness!


  • [All] All-Star 2014 begins THIS WEEK, May 8th - May 11th.
    • If you need to get caught up on the schedule, formats, or participants, check out this round up link!
    • The two previous winners of the Hexakill voting were Misaya and Toyz. Full announcement can be found here.
    • The URF MODE champion picked for both teams is Ezreal. 
    • The Pick 10 champions and lineups have been announced:

Be sure to check back on May 8th for the final challenge format - 1v1

  • [NA/EU] The 2014 Season Summer Split schedule was announced this week! Teams competing include:
    • EU
      • Fnatic
      • Alliance
      • Copenhagen Wolves
      • Supa Hot Crew
      • Millenium
      • Gambit Gaming
      • ROCCAT
      • SK Gaming
    • NA
      • LMQ
      • Cloud 9
      • TSM
      • CLG
      • Curse
      • Evil Genuises
      • compLexity
      • Team Dignitas

  • [NA] Lone Star Clash 3 wrapped up this weekend! Check out the results below:
    • IvyLol Finals 
      • University of British Columbia defeated Texas A&M and University of California - Irvine (the reigning champions who haven't lost a single IvyLol final)
    • Challenger Invitational 
      • Team 8 (who were a part of the second split of NACS before being knocked out by LMQ) defeated Curse Academy, Cloud 9 Tempest, and Complexity to secure the 1st place spot at the tournament. 

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [All] Off-season Roster Cataclysm Run Down! Keep in mind some of this is UNOFFICIAL INFORMATION until an official source is found.  I'll be editing this section constantly throughout the week as more events happen.

    • [NA LCS]
      • TSM
        • Xpecial was benched due to personality clashes within team
        • Gleebglarbu (formerly of Cloud 9 Tempest) joins as Xpecial's replacement
        • TheOddOne has stepped down citing his performance as the reason he was benching himself. He will remain with the team as a coach. 
        • Amazing (from Copenhagen Wolves) will be TheOddOne's replacement

      • Curse
        • Xpecial joins Curse as starting support
        • Bunnyfuufuu will be joining a new team, unconfirmed as of now

      • compLexity
        • Now only known as "compLexity" as coL.Red was released from the organization. 

      • Team Coast
        •  After losing Zionspartan and Shiphtur, the team will soon announce a new roster to compete in the next challenger series. [ Source

    • [NA Challenger]
        • Cloud 9 Tempest

        • LMQ
          • No longer a part of Royal Club
          • Uzi will NOT be joining LMQ in the summer split

    • [EU LCS]
      • Gambit Gaming / Rest in Pepperonis

      • Copenhagen Wolves
        • Amazing leaves to join TSM
        • Forg1ven was released from the team, citing toxic behavior as a main reason for his departure. 

      • Supa Hot Crew
        • Migxa has departed from the team. More information and new player tryout information can be found over on the SHC website
        • UPDATE - Supa Hot Crew has signed wewillfailer from Lemondogs as a replacement

  • [KR]
    • KT Bullets
      • Insec leaves the team, both he and the team agreed not to renew his contract.


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