[Updated] SKT T1 Skins & TPA Skins available until 5/19!

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[ The TPA skins have now returned! Pick 'em up before 5/19! ]

The five new champion skins, one for Jax, Lee Sin, Vayne, Zed, and Zyra,  and a new ward skin to celebrate SKT T1 as our S3 World Champions are now available for purchase!

Between now and May 19th, each skin is 750 RP and the ward skin is 640 RP or they are all available in a bundle for 25% off ( 3292 RP or 6513 RP if you also need the five champions ).
Continue reading for a better look at the skins as well as info on last year's TPA Championship skins returning from May 6th through May 19th!

Here's the full scoop from the official announcement:
"Commemorate SK Telecom T1’s sweeping World Championship victory with a set of skins clad in the red and gold that raised the Summoner’s Cup.
The five champion skins are 750 RP each and the ward skin is 640 RP. Snag all six in the SKT Championship bundle and see 25% off at 3292 RP (6513 RP if you need the champions). These skins will go on sale starting May 5 before going back into the vault on May 19.
We’re also bringing the Taipei Assassin skins out of the vault from May 6 through May 19. Each one will be 750 RP with the TPA bundle going for 2812 RP (5358 RP if you need the champions)."

Let's take a closer look!

All five of these skins share a single splash art but each has a specific slice for their loading screen.

SKT T1 Jax

750 RP

SKT T1 Lee Sin

750 RP 

SKT T1 Vayne

750 RP

SKT T1 Zed

750 RP

SKT T1 Zyra

750 RP

SKT T1 Ward

640 RP

TPA Skins

As mentioned above, last year's TPA championship skins are also returning until May 19th! Pick them up for 750 RP each or 2812 RP (5358 RP if you need the champions).

TPA Shen (750 RP)

TPA Orianna (750 RP)

TPA Nunu (750 RP)

TPA Ezreal (750 RP)

TPA Mundo (750 RP)

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