Red Post Collection: Two New Pentakill Tracks, Chances are No new Eve skin until VU, and more!

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This morning's red post collection features the premiere of TWO new Pentakill singles, IronStylus commenting that the chances are Evelynn won't receive a new skin until after her eventual visual upgrade, BuboBubo discussing the new Battle Boost feature in OfA:MM, and more!
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Two new Pentakill Songs

As we edge closer to the release of the full length Smite and Ignite album, the PENTAKILL promo page has been updated with a new track - enjoy Deathfire Grasp!
"Now there’s nothing in my way. You’ll feel my Deathfire Grasp. Free album available June 3rd."

While not added to the promo page, the track Ohmwrecker was also uploaded to the youtube channel!
Check out our previous posts or the promo page for more information on PENTAKILL!

As usual, Praeco has been busy on reddit discussing the album!

First up, he confirmed it is ZP Theart, ex-singer for DragonForce, on the track Deathfire Grasp and he shared that a full list of participating musicians will be available after the album releases.

When asked how Riot has managed to get such big names involved in the Pentakill project, Praeco noted:
"We just ask them. ;) 
It's often very tricky, since, you know, a video game developer comes around the corner and says "Ayo we're writing a metal album, wanna trust us blindly that it's legit and sing it?" - I myself would be rather hesitant to believe that it'll work out without having the musical context. ;) But all of the musicians that we collaborated with on the Pentakill album are very passionate musicians and really cared about creating something awesome, so after spending some time with them on a creative level, we were able to gain their trust."

Praeco also replied to a summoner commenting they in-game references in the song lyrics took away from the music, specifically Deathfire Grasp:
"That's fair. It's definitely the song on the album that refers to the game the most in such a style, it's a direct homage to playing the game. Lightbringer and Thornmail are very different, they rather tell a tale. I think you will probably really dig Thornmail. All of the songs have a pretty different approach lyrically. 
A lot of our musical / lyrics writing approach for the whole album was to create something that is very diverse, and is a true homage to metal as a whole, so all the songs will be touching sub-genres of metal."

When asked about the physical versions of the Pentakill album, Praeco reiterated:
"there will be a physical copy, once we figure it out. ;P should be available within a few weeks."

No Evelynn skin until after a VU

In a reddit thread begging for details on a new skin for Evelynn, IronStylus swooped in to share she likely won't be getting on until she gets a visual update.
"So, we did a proxy model from a concept I did for Eve. (Proxy meaning a low-rez, less detailed, more dirty version of a final in-game asset) At first glance it actually looked decent. It was cool to see the new "base" in Eve's signature pose. However, as soon as we began to run her around the problems were overwhelming. Her rig is a mess. Animations are clunky. She was made before we had as many bones as we do now in our rigs, and it wouldn't accommodate any new animations for a new base or a new skin. The tassels maybe have.. 5 bones? That's not enough for an animator to make as nice looking cloth as we've been able to do on Karthus.

So yeah. Chances are she won't get a new skin until we get that VU in order. We're currently still in early ideation for her, and actually we'll be having a meeting soon to see where she will fall in our slotting priorities."
He continued
"I doubt she'll happen this year, but that's just a guess. We'll have a better idea during our slotting sessions where we'll prioritize what's next."

IronStylus also left a reminderthat some VUs go deeper than just making someone look better:
"There are a lot of champions that suffer from ailments aside from not looking good. Taric, Eve, Sion, etc, all have some fundamental thematic questions that need to be answered before we can throw them into production. 
One of the reasons Karthus was straight forward is because he's essentially an undead lich death-pope. Not a lot of thematic tinkering there."

When asked why Pantheon recently got a new skin if he is also out dated, IronStylus shared:
"Pantheon was surprisingly in good shape when we cracked him open. He also had enough of a solid foundation to mess with proportions a bit and add to his animations with more ease. When we cracked open Eve there wasn't nearly as much to work with."

Battle Boosts on OfA:MM

Riot BuboBubo commented on a reddit thread discussing the new Battle Boost featured in One for All: Mirror Mode,  confirming that you get a RP refund if someone dodges a game you that you already purchased a battle boost for.
"The RP should definitely be refunded if the game is dodged. I'll pass this along to get checked on but please submit a ticket if your RP is not there after you relog."
He reiterated:
"Yes - no RP is supposed to be charged for dodged games. Please submit a ticket if this bug happens!"
When asked why it seems like boosts aren't giving the extra 100 IP, BuboBubo noted:
"I think the IP you earn is indicated in the little symbol next to the IP bar. This is unclear but changing the bar was a surprisingly big undertaking (thanks old code!). Noting this to improve for next time."
He continued:
"Hem not sure what I can add beyond my explanation just above - there should be a green arrow next to the IP bar and mousing over it will show that you were credited the IP. But there does seem to be a potential for bugs with transferred accounts 
The IP happens regardless of outcome. 
I appreciate the patience but it would be a big deal if we said it'd grant IP and then it didn't! Let me know if it's still unclear or not working."
For reference, here's the green symbol he's talking about.

Over on the forums, BuboBubo also replied to a thread asking why Battle Boosts don't have an IP option:
"I don't think we have ever offered access to skins for IP. I hear ya that there is demand but it's a really really big bridge to cross and this didn't seem like the right time or place. 
We always want purchases priced to be a fair value, if not better - what part makes it feel unfulfilling to you? I'd love to hear any thoughts you might have on how would you have priced this and what you would base it on.

Thanks for the feedback! Hope you enjoy the game mode all the same :)"
He continued:
"Thanks for the responses guys - one thing I noticed is that people who judge this as a single game skin trial for themselves find it really really not worth - Noted. This wasn't really the goal, but since there is no way of trailing a skin and players want that, it's judged against that standard.

IRXS' explanation is much closer to what we had in mind - Our intended goal was to complement the 'team' side of one-for-all. We'll be collecting feedback more systematically from purchasers and nonpurchasers but I appreciate you all sharing your thoughts!"

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