[ Updated ] Pentakill Rises

Posted on at 6:47 PM by Moobeat
[ Update: Track info and a high quality wall paper added! ]

Ready to rock?! I sure hope so because PENTAKILL has risen and is coming for you!
 Tagged as a "Special Event", here's what the announcement has to say:
"You have sown. Soon you shall reap
You have seen the true voice of metal fall quiet, surrounded by the massed harmonies of your weak whispers. But listen closely to those whispers, and you shall find the seed of truth. Five Four voices. Five harbingers of destruction, waiting patiently for their time to rise. And on that chosen day, these five shall change your world forever. Sonic brutality has never ascended such heights before. These voices have already slain the dragon and butchered the baron. They have ravaged the fields of justice, burned Runeterra to the ground, and slaughtered millions of Teemos. When they come, their breed of metal shall smite your plebian souls and punish your frail bodies. You will cower at their visage and tremble at the name... Pentakill. 
And Pentakill is coming... for you. Because you have sown, and soon you shall reap."
Continue reading for more info and to check out the band's single Lightbringer!

If you head on over to the PENTAKILL webpage linked above, you'll find a teaser for their  full album Smite and Ignite - thundering in on June 3rd - and a video of their first single Lightbringer!

Keep an eye open for more info and keep those horns up until the album drops on June 3rd \m/

P.S: Looks like we now know what that PENTAKILL summoner icon was for!

Update: Unofficially, more song previews and a track listing for the album can be found here. 

Update 2: Here's a glorious, high quality Pentakill wallpaper!

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