May Bundles Out Now - "Pool Party" & "Winter Warriors"

Posted on at 11:48 AM by Moobeat
Two new limited time, flex cost bundles are now available! Cool off with the "Pool Party" bundle or chill out with the "Winter Warriors" bundle, both available at 50% off the normal price through June 5th!
Continue reading for a better look at these limited time bundles.

Here's Wizardcrab with the deets: 
"Craving something new at champ select? Get fed on these limited time bundles. They’re flexible in cost, meaning the final bundle price will automatically adjust to reflect only what’s new to your collection. 

Pool Party bundle – 50% off at 2813 RP (5060 RP if you need the champions)

With the sun beating down and the water heating up, the gang’s getting back together. Who brought the hot dogs? 
Skins included:
  • Pool Party Ziggs
  • Pool Party Leona
  • Pool Party Lee Sin
  • Pool Party Renekton
  • Pool Party Graves
Champions included:

Winter Warriors bundle — 50% off at 2438 RP (3722 RP if you need the champions)

South of the equator, a Pool Party is less than appropriate. Survive the season by chilling with these champs and skins.
Skins included:
  • Frost Queen Janna
  • Snow Day Singed (Legacy)
  • Snowstorm Sivir (Legacy)
  • Frostfire Annie
  • Frostblade Irelia
Champions included:

Unlock these bundles before the sale ends on June 5th at 11:59 PM PST!"

To help you decide, here's a set of skin spotlights for each of the discount skins!

Pool Party bundle
Winter Warriors bundle:

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