Braum Champion Spotlight

Posted on at 8:10 PM by Moobeat
[ Braum's login theme is also out and ready to go out. Preview it here. ]

Ah! We are about to begin the fighting - Braum's champion spotlight is out!

"Learn to flex your protective muscles and master the art of shielding your friends and stunning your foes in the Braum Champion Spotlight.

Braum’s a tanky defender able to deflect both enemy attention and damage away from his teammates. During laning, dish out Concussive Blows to your enemies before letting your marksman trigger your passive’s stun, or, when you ally starts taking damage, quickly reposition with Stand Behind Me before using Unbreakable to save them from further harm. As the enemy team starts gathering, smash through their defenses with Glacial Fissure’s huge shockwave before slowing fleeing stragglers with Winter’s Bite.

Learn more about Braum here:

As a bonus, here's a preview of Braum's login theme.

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