5/22 PBE Update: Trinket Wards with ward skins, Woad Scout Quinn Available for testing

Posted on at 1:05 PM by Moobeat
Following last night's giant update, a small update has been pushed to the PBE! Woad Scout Quinn is now available for testing and priced at 975 RP, the trinket wards can now use ward skins, and several jungle monsters have had their tooltips updated to include their respawn times.
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Warding Totems ( Trinkets ) with ward skins

Here's RiotBrokenSword with info on warding totems ( yellow trinket ) now using ward skins!
"Hey PBE Community, 
We added new functionality into this PBE patch that allows you to use a ward skin on your trinket wards, with the intent of allowing you to proudly display your ward skins in game, even if you're not in a position to ward heavily and frequently. 
You don't need to do anything differently than before: Just choose what ward skin you'd like to use in the out-of-game Store, and it will appear on the trinket when you place it on Summoner's Rift. 
We've added some iconography above the wards to help distinguish which type of ward they are. Pictured below are examples. 
Warding Totem Trinket: Yellow 
Stealth Ward: Green 
Vision Ward: Pink 
So not much change, but enough alteration to warrant a note. 
Let us know what you think. We want to make sure the iconography is readable, and makes sense. 
Thanks, all."

Here's a few more example images ( seems the trinket wards are turned sideways in-game ):

and, of course, with no ward skins for comparison:

Woad Scout Quinn available for testing

While her assets were added in yesterday's update, Woad Scout Quinn is now available for testing and is confirmed at 975 RP.

Here's another look at this frosty new skin:

Woad Scout Quinn

975 RP

For her recall, Quinn throws an arrow to valor while icy winds blow. Makes for a bad picture >.> 


These little Teemo icons were added to the misc AIR client assets in today's update.

Jungle Monster Tooltip Updates

Jungle monsters now list their respawn times in their tooltips! 

     Golem, Wight, Wolf, Wraith camps.
    • Tooltips now lists: "Respawns 50 seconds after all monsters in this camp are killed."
    • Tooltip now lists: "Respawns 6 minutes after this monster is killed."
    • Tooltip now lists: "Respawns 7 minutes after this monster is killed."
    Lizard Elder and Ancient Golem
    • Tooltips now lists: "Respawns 5 minutes after all monsters in this camp are killed."

    Vilemaw ( TTL )
    • Tooltip now lists: "Respawns 5 minutes after this monster is killed."

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