Super Galaxy Rumble Now Available!

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[ Update: Riot has released a "SGR is ready to rock!" video! ]

Super Galaxy Rumble, our latest LEGENDARY tier skin, is now available for purchase! Featuring an upgraded mech, completely new animations, up to date vfx, a unique voiceover, and more awesome than you can shake a flamethrower at, Super Galaxy Rumble can be yours for 1820 RP!
Continue reading for a better look at this out of this world skin!

[ Update ] Super Galaxy Rumble is Ready to Rock!

Here's Riot Paradox with an official look at SGR!

"Look! In the sky! It’s a dragon… It’s a cryophoenix… It’s a yordle in a mechanized suit that spits volcanic flames and rains down hyper-explosive rockets! 
Oh, you want to bully his friends? Taste electro-harpoon rockets. Threaten his family? Fry in forty thousand degrees of face-melting fire. Attack Bandle City? Prepare for a massive bombardment of yordle-induced, incandescent annihilation that’ll vaporize any threat to the furry populace. 
Unleash the fury of the yordle with Super Galaxy Rumble, available now for 1820 RP."

Super Galaxy Rumble

1820 RP
Danger Zone Q
Danger Zone W

Danger Zone E 

and here's the full voice over!

Special Interactions

Super Galaxy Rumble also features three skin specific special interactions that trigger when you recall near Tristana!

  • "How do you like me now, Tristana?"
  • "I'll always come back for you, Tristana."
  • "Let's make fireworks, baby"

Login Screen and Music

Super Galaxy Rumble also comes with his own extended login screen!

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