[ PAX East 2014 ] Live Art Demo of Exterminator Twitch Concept Splash

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[ If you missed out on PAX East Day One's Exterminator Twitch Concept, check it out here! ]

Building off yesterday's concept art demo, the fine Rioter's at PAX East continued their live art demo by working on a color splash art for their "no promises" Exterminator Twitch concept!
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WARNING: While These live art demos are super awesome, they are NOT A PROMISE of a skin and are a fun way for the artists to interact with summoners during event. While certain skins ( Pool Party Leona ) have been brought to life in game, manage your expectations accordingly. This is not a current skin in internal development and is not any sort of exclusive PAX skin.]

To reiterate, here's a short comment from IronStylus on the Exterminator Twitch concept:
"Glad you guys are excited! I very much hope we can bring this to you. As I sometimes say.. NO PROMISES. That's just to make sure we manage expectations :D 
I do love this skin though.."

Following yesterday's demo where we saw the The Bravo Ray do a concept art for an Exterminator Twitch skin, the team returned today to work on it's splash art - adding in more color and definition! The process was broadcasted on a giant screen in front of a live audience of summoners!

A one "Josh Smith" ( sorry! waiting for someone to hook me up with his Riot name!! ) worked on the splash while ohmikegoodness, Grumpy Monkey, IronStylus, and The Bravo Ray again took to the stage to answer the crowds questions.
Starting off with a trace of yesterday's concept art.
Adding in color

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and be sure to tune in tomorrow when the team will be working to sculpt a 3D model of Exterminator Twitch!

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