[ PAX East 2014 ] Inside Look at Game Design for League of Legends Panel

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[ The Q&A from after the presentation is now up! ]

The last day of PAX East 2014 played host to the "Inside Look at Game Design for League of Legends" panel where several Rioters on the balance team  discussed balance in general, their role in building League of Legends, a few core tenants they strive for - Mastery, Meaningful Choices, Counter Play, Team Play, Clarity, and Evolution.
Continue reading for more information, including a video and oodles of pictures!

The Rioters on the panel are: 
  • Mark "RiotScruffy" Yetter - Rework Design
  • Omar "Sixtwo" Kendall - Champion Production
  • Ryan "Morello" Scott - Game Design
  • Chris "Pwyff" Tom - Design Comms
  • Brian "Feral Pony" Feeney - Systems and Game Design
Without further ado, here's the full panel!

( Note: The Q&A Will be in a separate video! ) 

If the video isn't your cup of tea, here are a few pictures!

After the presentation, the team opened up the floor for questions on anything they talked about or anything related to game design in general!

While time was short, the line to ask a question was quite long. 
Pwyff also manage to created a "Poromid" out of the poros being handed out to summoner's who asked questions!

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