[ PAX East 2014 ] Live Art Demo of Exterminator Twitch Concept

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[ Update ] Here's a short comment from IronStylus reiterating my earlier warning:
"Glad you guys are excited! I very much hope we can bring this to you. As I sometimes say.. NO PROMISES. That's just to make sure we manage expectations :D 
I do love this skin though.."

PAX East 2014 has kicked off and Riot's booth is flooding with awesome!

As we've seen them do in the past with Pool Party Leona, Pizza Delivery Sivir, and others, Riot hosted a live art demo where they have started to concept an Exterminator Twitch skin! Over the next few days they will be concepting, doing a splash art for, and even modeling an updated version of this long lost skin.
Continue reading for a better look!

[ WARNING: While These live art demos are super awesome, they are NOT A PROMISE of a skin and are a fun way for the artists to interact with summoners during event. While certain skins ( Pool Party Leona ) have been brought to life in game, manage your expectations accordingly. This is not a current skin in internal development and is not any sort of exclusive PAX skin.]

Today's presentation was concepting Exterminator Twitch and The Bravo Ray was doing all the work while Grumpy Monkey, IronStylus, and ohmikegoodness answered audience questions!

For those who might not have been around, an old Exterminator Twitch concept stealthed onto the PBE a long time agoand was never released or heard of after words. With his upcoming visual update, the team thought it would be a fun idea to revisit the skin and see if they can't bring it up to date now that Twitch is no longer so outdated and triangle-y.

While I don't have a good picture, they started the demo by taking a basic drawing of post-Visual Update Twitch and started to draw over top of it.

Early on someone suggested E. Twitch have double canisters for his face mask and TBR delivered! 
Still working on the Gas canisters on his back

Another crowd idea was to add his passive's indicator to his chest as a logo!
Lots of detail added to his head as the demo neared it's end.
Another crowd idea - tattered shoes!
At the end of the demo, they zoomed it out so we could breathe in what Exterminator Twitch had become!

Tune back in as the weekend continues to see where this little concept ends up!

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