May Champion and Skin Sale Schedule

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To mix things up and improve play expectations, the eCommerce team has published the schedule for every one of May's weekly champion and skin sales in advance!
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Here's Udyr with the scoop:
Hi Summoners, 
The bi-weekly sales announcements have been pretty static for a while. Monday/Thursday is a predictable publishing schedule that players are used to, but we’ve been thinking about a couple of different ways that we could change things up for the better. It’s never fun to open up the fridge every few days only to be disappointed that the sandwich you’ve been waiting for isn’t there. 
One experiment that we are going to try for May's sales only is to simply publish the entire month worth of sales in advance so that players can plan for the champ(s) and skin(s) that they really want to buy. This will be the first of a few small tweaks from the ecommerce team to try and relieve some player pain. If it's well-received, we may bring the experiment back in the future. 
Please note: the advance notice moves these sales into the category of pre-announced promotions, meaning that we won’t be offering partial refunds on content bought between now and each sale. Mark your calendars! 
Below is the entire month of weekly sales for May. If you have thoughts about this change, please let us know in the comments.


Sale Price

Sale Start

Sale End

Aatrox487 RP5/2/20145/5/2014
Malzahar440 RP5/2/20145/5/2014
LeBlanc395 RP5/2/20145/5/2014
Nurse Akali487 RP5/2/20145/5/2014
Sun Goddess Karma375 RP5/2/20145/5/2014
Shadow Prince Malzahar260 RP5/2/20145/5/2014
Fiora487 RP5/6/20145/9/2014
Skarner440 RP5/6/20145/9/2014
Lux395 RP5/6/20145/9/2014
Cryocore Brand487 RP5/6/20145/9/2014
Lord Darius487 RP5/6/20145/9/2014
Bilgerat Rumble260 RP5/6/20145/9/2014
Quinn487 RP5/9/20145/12/2014
Kog'Maw440 RP5/9/20145/12/2014
Nasus292 RP5/9/20145/12/2014
Viscero Xin Zhao487 RP5/9/20145/12/2014
Defender Leona375 RP5/9/20145/12/2014
Freljord Ashe260 RP5/9/20145/12/2014
Nautilus487 RP5/13/20145/16/2014
Riven440 RP5/13/20145/16/2014
Tryndamere292 RP5/13/20145/16/2014
Gladiator Draven487 RP5/13/20145/16/2014
Pool Party Ziggs675 RP5/13/20145/16/2014
Viridian Kayle260 RP5/13/20145/16/2014
Darius487 RP5/16/20145/19/2014
Rumble440 RP5/16/20145/19/2014
Heimerdinger395 RP5/16/20145/19/2014
Mafia Miss Fortune487 RP5/16/20145/19/2014
Rugged Garen375 RP5/16/20145/19/2014
Deadly Kennen260 RP5/16/20145/19/2014
Sejuani487 RP5/20/20145/23/2014
Wukong440 RP5/20/20145/23/2014
Janna292 RP5/20/20145/23/2014
Special Weapon Zac487 RP5/20/20145/23/2014
Battle Bunny Riven487 RP5/20/20145/23/2014
Freljord Rammus260 RP5/20/20145/23/2014
Varus487 RP5/23/20145/26/2014
Leona440 RP5/23/20145/26/2014
Veigar292 RP5/23/20145/26/2014
Imperial Lux487 RP5/23/20145/26/2014
Northern Storm Volibear375 RP5/23/20145/26/2014
Dryad Soraka260 RP5/23/20145/26/2014
Zac487 RP5/27/20145/30/2014
Brand440 RP5/27/20145/30/2014
Kassadin395 RP5/27/20145/30/2014
High Noon Twisted Fate487 RP5/27/20145/30/2014
Mecha Kha'Zix675 RP5/27/20145/30/2014
Warrior Princess Sivir260 RP5/27/20145/30/2014
Lucian487 RP5/30/20146/2/2014
Talon440 RP5/30/20146/2/2014
Anivia395 RP5/30/20146/2/2014
Headhunter Nidalee487 RP5/30/20146/2/2014
Midnight Ahri375 RP5/30/20146/2/2014
Void Nocturne260 RP5/30/20146/2/2014

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