Upcoming Rune Balance Changes

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Riot has just published a preview of their upcoming balance changes to runes! Additionally, there will also be a Rune and IP Boost sale that will start with the next patch and last through the end of April!
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Here's Pwyff with the full details:

"Back in the 2014 preseason we spoke about rune balance changes but couldn't deliver them in time for the launch of the season. The short version: we took a closer look at the rune system after our original announcement and decided that our plans weren't going to get runes where we want them to be. We're still committed to exploring the best way to make runes an interesting and dynamic system for all players, but in the meantime we'll be implementing some basic changes in the next patch.

For starters, we're very aware that rune costs are a pain point for many players, so with the upcoming rune balance changes, we'll be kicking off a 30% off Rune and IP Boost sale that will last from the start of the next patch through the end of April.

As for the balance, we'll be making the following basic changes to runes (we're only showing the Tier 3 changes, but you can assume roughly equivalent changes for the lower tiers). Supplementary changes in other systems will accompany our only two rune nerfs to armor seals and life steal quintessences. All other rune changes are buffs. It should also be noted that we will not be offering refunds (or meeting the price difference) for runes previously purchased or purchased between this announcement and the official sale start.


Values are for Tier 3 seals


Per seal :1.41 armor 1.00 armor
Per 9 seals :12.69 armor 9.00 armor
Supplementary : All champions will gain +4 base armor in compensation

Scaling Armor

Per seal :2.7 armor at level 18 3.0 armor at level 18
Per 9 seals :24.3 armor at level 18 27.0 armor at level 18


Per seal :5.35 health 8.0 health
Per 9 seals :48.15 health 72.0 health

Scaling Health

Per seal :19.44 health at level 18) 24.00 health at level 18
Per 9 seals :174.96 health at level 18 216.00 health at level 18

Health Regeneration

Per seal :0.43 health regen/5 sec 0.56 health regen/5 sec
Per 9 seals :3.87 health regen/5 sec 5.00 health regen/5 sec


Values are for Tier 3 glyphs

Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Per glyph :-1.11% cooldowns at level 18 -1.67% cooldowns at level 18 
Per 9 glyphs : -9.99% cooldowns at level 18 -15.00% cooldowns at level 18

Scaling Magic Resist

Per glyph :2.7 magic resist at level 18 3.0 magic resist at level 18
Per 9 glyphs :24.3 magic resist at level 18 27 magic resist at level 18

Mana Regeneration

Per glyph :0.31 mana regen/5 sec 0.33 mana regen/5 sec
Per 9 glyphs :2.79 mana regen/5 sec 3.00 mana regen/5 sec

Scaling Mana Regeneration

Per glyph :0.99 mana regen/5 sec at level 18 1.20 mana regen/5 sec at level 18
Per 9 glyphs :8.91 mana regen/5 sec at level 18 10.80 mana regen/5 sec at level 18


Values are for Tier 3 quintessences

Cooldown Reduction

Per quintessence :-1.67% cooldowns -2.50% cooldowns
Per 3 quintessences :-5.01% cooldowns -7.50% cooldowns

Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Per quintessence :-2.5% cooldowns at level 18 -5% cooldowns at level 18
Per 3 quintessences :-7.5% cooldowns at level 18 -15% cooldowns at level 18

Attack Speed

Per quintessence :3.4% attack speed 4.5% attack speed 
Per 3 quintessences :10.2% attack speed 13.50% attack speed

Life Steal

Per quintessence :2% life steal 1.5% life steal
Per 3 quintessences :6% life steal 4.5% life steal
Supplementary The offensive mastery, Feast, will now restore 3 health on minion kill (up from 2)

We'll be keeping an eye on runes and may need to make additional tweaks for game health reasons, but we're not currently planning any further significant changes in the 2014 season. We hope you enjoy the upcoming rune sale and take this opportunity to get geared up for the season!"

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