Red Post Collection: Rune Changes in "super-near future", Rengar Rework on PBE "quite soon", Dreadknight Garen for EU & OCE, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features ricklessabandon with a brief comment that we should see more info on the upcoming rune changes "in the super-near future",  Riot Jag commenting the Rengar rework will be on the PBE "quite soon", Riot Sargonas discussing third party programs, a heads up how EUNE/EUW/TR/RU and OCE summoners can snag a free Dreadknight Garen skin for following regional LoL social media, and more!
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Recent News

Update on Rune Changes

When asked about the details of his previously mentioned plans for runes, ricklessabandon briefly commented  that he can't share any details abut the official messaging should be coming up soon.
"we do have messaging coming up soon, so 100% of the details will be available in the super-near future, but i don't know the exact date. once that's officially out there, i'll be putting the changes on the pbe.

thanks for all of your patience in the interim~"
He continued:
"it covers all of the planned runes changes for the 2014 season (not counting any follow-up changes/maintenance directly related to these changes if needed)."

ricklessabandon also commented on the Baron Buff changes that were discussed during preseason, saying:
"i'm not up to speed on the details, but they're not actively being worked on. we do have plans for mr. nashor, but they're less urgent than dragon changes (which are currently in development). again, not up to speed on those changes so i could be mistaken."

Third Party Programs Legal?

When asked about third party programs , such as Curse Voice, that overlay jungle timers and other features into League, Riot Sargonas commented:
"This is actually something we've been discussing lately ourselves. Currently we've not taken an official stance on the use of Curse Voice, but we do find it an interesting application. Rest assured, we're aware of the polarizing effects it's had on parts of the community lately and are keeping an open mind. We're taking our time to make sure we make decisions that are the best for the community, as the more information we make available through systems such as our new API, the more that creative tools like this that are developed by the community will arise.

Personally however, I rather enjoy the timers as I'm simply not at a skill level to keep track of those things effectively in my head, and it saves me from having a watch or notepad sitting next to my keyboard. :)"
He continued:
"Indeed, that is why we are taking our time to thoroughly think about how we approach this, and are also paying close attention to how the community feels as well as involving the design team. It's clearly a very polarizing topic and this is slightly new territory, and what we do will set a precedent. As the manager of the team who handles our partnerships with third party developers, I just wanted to drop by the thread and let everyone know this was something that was indeed on our radar. We've seen a lot of threads about this in recent days and I felt it was important to make sure you guys knew we were aware of it's importance to you, even though we've not developed a policy around it yet."

[Continued] Rengar Rework Strikes Back

Riot Jag returned to the forums with an update on the Rengar rework that's currently in internal development, including mention that we'll see it on the PBE "quite soon"!
"Some updates: 
-We're trying a version of Rengar with his max ferocity stacks back to 5, and they no longer decay out of combat. 
-By adding the required build up to his Ferocity-empowered moves, we could add a little power back to his Ferocity Q and gave it some solid steroids (bonus attack speed and AD for a duration) so his sustained damage is stronger.

-Scruffy has done some work to ensure you'll be seeing Rengar on PBE quite soon. Tonight we hunt?"
He continued, elaborating on the empowered Q change:
"The goal is that for all Empowered abilities, there are unique situations where it is clearly the optimal choice over the other two. We added power to the Empowered Q because it was underwhelming in comparison to the other Ferocity options and failing this goal; we are not buffing it because we want to make it excessively strong."

If you'd like to learn more about these WIP Rengar changes, check out Riot Scruffy's original change list or catch up on the rest of the discussion in these red post collections: check: 12345 , 6

Free Dreadknight Garen for EUW/EUNE/RU/ TR and OCE players

Good news for both EUW/EUNE and OCE summoners - you can now snag a free Dreadknight Garen skin for following your respective regions League of Legends twitter account! 
Note: This promotion is ONLY for the listed regions.
Here's Riot weecore with more info on how EUW/EUNE summoners can score their free skin:
As part of our ongoing effort to more efficiently deliver localized League of Legends news to the European community, we are rewarding our Twitter followers with the Dreadknight Garen skin. 
To redeem your skin, just log into Twitter, then use this application to Follow the @LoLEU account. 
(The codes for following @LoLEU will only work for EUNE/EUW servers.) 
Additionally, we’ll continue to gather feedback on how to best use Twitter to suit your needs. If you have content suggestions, let us know! 
Edit: Spread the word 

Edit 2:There was some community concern with woobox permissions: This app will not post or follow on your behalf (after the initial @loleu follow).
The app just needs those permissions to function. 
Edit 3! WOO!: Yes. You get Garen, too. 
Edit 4:There are some technical complications with the Woobox. Currently troubleshooting the promotion. We'll let you know when it's live again. Thank you for your patience! 
Edit 5:Promotion back online. Grab your Garens. Spin to win 
If you purchased Garen or the Dreadknight skin in the past 2 weeks, you are eligible for a refund. Submit your request
Edit 7:19:27 GMT+0
We took the promotion down to pump more juice in the system. It's back up.

Grab your Garens and spin to win."
While the contents are the same, Riot Draggles also has a thread on the EUNE forums about this promo.

TR summmoners can click here and RU summoners can click here for their own regional instructions in their respective languages.

A very similar promotion is also available for OCE summoners if they follow the @LoL_Oceania twitter account!

Here's CptStupendous with
"We think Twitter is a pretty great way to let you know when something cool is going down, so we're rewarding our Twitter followers with the Dreadknight Garen skin!

To redeem your skin, go here, log into Twitter (or create a new one), use the tool on the page to follow @LoL_Oceania feed, then just copy and paste the code into the client.

If you're interested we've also started another Twitter feed dedicated to server status in Oceania - @LOL_OCE_Status 
Don’t forget, you can also score yourself Riot Girl Tristana when you follow our Facebook page! 

We’ll continue to gather feedback on how to best use Facebook & Twitter to suit your needs. If you have content suggestions, let us know!"

Will EUNE Benefit from the Amsterdam Data Center?

When asked if EUNE will benefit from the opening of the much anticipated Amsterdam data center, Riot Moonleaf commented:
"This is correct to an extend. Without going into too much detail, when Amsterdam opens and part of EUW moves there, Frankfurt's stability and performance will improve.

The plan is to move EUNE to Amsterdam in time, but Rome wasn't built in one day, and we'd rather launch Amsterdam earlier with EUW rather than delaying it for having both servers, especially since moving just EUW will help."

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