Red Post Collection: Mystery Gifting Here To Stay, Lissandra Blind, Community Beta Updates, and more!

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[ Note: The Team Builder Two-Day Live Beta is up on EUW & TR! Enjoy. ]

Tonight's red post collection features Hippalus announcing that Mystery Gifting is now a permanent , Kitae confirming that Lissandra is actually blind, a small note about skins and if they are canon, a heads up on some new community beta features, and more!
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Team Builder Two-Day Live Beta up on EUW & TR

The  Team Builder Two-Day Live Beta is now active on EUW and TR! Summoner's on those regions will be able to try out the new queue mode for the next 48 hours!

Check out this link for more info:

Mystery Gifting Here To Stay

Here's Hippalus with the announcement that Mystery Gifting is now a permanent addition to the shop, rather than rotating in and out with holiday promotions!
"You guys loved mystery gifting so much that we’re making it permanent. From now on, mystery skins and mystery champions will be available in the gifting center of the store all year round. 
We’re also relaxing some of the requirements to make content gifting more accessible to players. 
Content Gifting (skins, champions, rune pages, Mystery)
  • Level requirement lowered to 15 to send a gift (was level 20)
  • Level requirement lowered to 5 to receive a gift (was level 10)
  • You can only send up to 5 gifts each day (was 3)
  • You can only receive up to 5 gifts each day (was 3)
  • You can’t receive gifts if you’re banned or suspended
  • The player receiving a gift needs to have been on your buddy list for at least two weeks
  • The player receiving a Mystery gift must have at least 10 eligible content options 
We hope you guys enjoy the changes. 
RP gifting limits remain the same and we’ve listed them below just in case anyone forgot. 
RP Gifting 
  • To receive RP, you must be at least level 10
  • To send RP, you must be at least level 20
  • You can only send up to 3 RP gifts every 24 hours
  • You can only receive up to 3 RP gifts every 24 hours
  • You can’t receive RP if you’re banned or suspended
  • The player receiving RP needs to have been on your buddy list for at least two weeks
Happy gifting!"

[ Lore ] Lissandra is blind.

In a thread containing a summoner created story about Avarosa, kitae revealed that Lissandra is actually blind!
"Cool story. 
Minor clarification. Avarosa herself was iceborn as were her people. The iceborn really rebelled and defeated the watchers.

It is certainly possible that brand or anivia could have played a role in that confrontation. They are both super old.

Even lissandra's role is unclear. Gregor clearly served Avarosa but seems unsure as to Lissandra's loyalties.

All this info can learned from Lissandra's monologues and Gregor's VO!

This is a story I would love to fully tell some day. I will share one interesting tidbit. Lissandra is blind, and she was blinded by the Ursine before she became iceborn."
She continued:

Is she still blind even though she has been body jumping for such a long time? Maybe "is" is the wrong word, How is she still blind after body jumping? 
Yes, she's still blind but obviously she's overcome that in some way. Think Toph from avatar as one example of how it might work.
She doesn't actually jump to other people's bodies she mimics their apperance.

If you look back at Quinn's journal you may get a different sense of the events now...."

[ Lore ] Are skins Canon?

When asked if alternate skins are canon since a few are mentioned in the Journal of Justice ( such as  Morgana owning the Sinful Succulence Bakery ), kitae replied:
"All skins are considered skin canon. This means for example there is an alternate universe where scuba gragas swims around. No, I am serious, we fleshed out that world specifically as an example. 
Skins can be main canon. The JOJ brought many skins into main canon.

We may shift some of those to skin canon in the future. For example, I personally have a hard time resolving Mort and Sony being in a band together but currently that is canon. Also in his penta kill skin mord has living flesh. Haven't changed that yet but we might at some point. We are cautious about making changes though we won't do it unless that change enables adding something new.

Skin canon doesn't mean no stories. I would love to tell some stories set in the battlecast universe."

[ PBE ] New Font Feedback

Fragzav briefly popped on the PBE community site to comment the team is still working on the new load screen fonts:
"Hey guys, we're still tweaking this, but I just wanted to let you know we heard you :)"

Community Beta Update - Flat, Chronological View

Here's Krylhos with a heads up that summoners can now sort the community beta ( this includes the PBE community too! ) into a flat, chronological view in addition to the normal, nested view.
"Greetings summoners, 
As promised, we rolled out a super simple pass at providing a way to view comment threads in a flat, chronological fashion. This should feel similar to what you would experience within consuming comments within vBulletin. 
We won't be spending a lot of time in enhancing this view (we will patch up bugs within it, of course) as we still strongly feel that a well-presented nested conversation is a better experience for larger conversations. 
Remember - this is a beta experience. All things are subject to change! 
As always, open and constructive criticism / feedback is accepted and appreciated. 
 Check it out here and use the option right above the reply box to switch between modes.

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