Red Post Collection: Miss Fortune Changes in 4.5 , March 5th Patch Update, and more!

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This morning's red post collection features ricklessabandon with an update on his Miss Fortune changes, a heads up what was in March 5th's Patch Update, kitae tweeting a bit about Garen & Katarina, an explanation on why the Team Builder queue disappeared from EUW earlier, and more!
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Miss Fortune Changes Coming Back to PBE for 4.5 Cycle

ricklessabandon commented that the Miss Fortune changes he tested out during the 4.3 PBE will be back when the patch 4.5 cycle ( so the next cycle, as 4.4 is currently testing on PBE ) and are aiming to be shipped to live with 4.5!
"no, they were just in testing on the pbe for that patch (i.e., i needed data, but didn't have enough time to finish/ship her). i've done a bit of cleanup since then, and the current plan is to put her back on the pbe once it rolls over to 4.5 with the intent to ship her in that patch.

i'm pretty excited about, tbh~"
He continued:
I'd love to play some Miss Fortune. Just please, please don't Skarner her. Please.
i don't know exactly what that means, but when she's back on the pbe i'll have a thread active—you're welcome to give me feedback/criticisms if you feel like she's in scorpion country. :3"

ricklessabandon also commented on his forum activity, noting what sort of threads he looks to respond to:
They use the search to look for threads relevant to the stuff they work on.
^ this.

i try to look at the forums at least once a day when i can, but during crazy busy weeks it'll sometimes be days before i can comfortably make time for it. during those times, i usually search for threads that directly call me out (like this one) or are related to stuff i've worked on recently (like when i was working on ahri, ashe, morgana, support items, etc). i felt pretty timely finding this one within 10 hours!"

March 5th Patch Update

The official 4.3 patch notes have been updated to include info on a small update that went out on March 5th:
"Just a few bugfixes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to see a black screen instead of Champion Select
  • Restored compatibility with XP Service Pack 2"

Garen & Katarina

When asked about Garen and Katarina's relationship and why they are listed as rivals and not friends after the events in the old Journal of Justice, kitae tweeted out a few answers:
[ Reminder: Tweets are often short and sweet but may be lacking depth ( character limit op! ) and contain personal opinions. ]
[ Tweet #1 ] " there is a lot of internal debate on that one but we ended up that they are not friends maybe they could be but for now, no" 
In response to asking if their actions together in the JoJ had been retconned, she continued:
[ Tweet #2 ] "friends is a pretty abstract concept I just said the verdict right now is that they are not friends" 
[ Tweet #3 ] "if something is ever retconned it will be super clear there are no secret retcons" 
[ Tweet #4 ] "we purposefully keep the definition of friends and rivals vague it is supposed to show direction not lock down facts" 
[ Tweet #5 ] " the best I can say is on discussing that was what we felt fit best! But their relationship is definitely complex."

Team Builder "Missing" on EUW

EUW summoners may have noticed that Team Builder, which is currently running it's two day live-beta on EUW and TU, briefly disappeared from the queue list earlier today.

Here's Pepper with more info:
"Hi everyone, 
We had a short maintenance scheduled for Team Builder tonight. We intended to message it ahead of time, but something went wrong and we had to do the maintenance earlier.
I'm really sorry about the late notice but we're trying to get it back up asap. 

Team Builder is back up! Thank you for your patience and feedback so far. We look forward to seeing you on the Fields of Justice."

What does the Audio Team Use?

In response to a summoner asking a few audio related questions, Riot Eno commented on what sort of programs and what types of sounds the audio team uses:
"We on the audio team use a pretty vast array of different programs for tracking/recording, editing and manipulating sounds. For example, in creating sounds for a Champion, everything from Nuendo, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, and Peak are probably used at some point as well as an even wider array of plug-ins and software synths from Waves, Sound Toys, Native Instruments, Twisted Tools, GRM Tools, Audioease, etc... 
As for the use of organic sounds versus electronic/synthesized sounds, it all depends on the task at hand. A Champ like Ezreal's Pulsefire skin utilizes a lot of synthesized elements, while a Champ like Sejuani uses primarily organic sounds. A Champ like Vel'Koz uses a fair amount of both. 
As for your question regarding music, you might want to try pinging the eSports folks! =) 
As for your final question, you can always check: 

Thanks for your interest!! =D"

Brief Comments on Twisted Fate and "Lich Bane Sona"

RiotRepertoir briefly commented on Twisted Fate, sharing this thoughts on why TF has low damage compared to other AP mids:
"Hi Icarus Dive. 
Thanks for the TF post. It's clear you really love Twisted Fate and have put a lot of thought into him. Historically, much of TF's power budget has been allocated to the immense power his ultimate provides, allowing him to get anywhere on the map very quickly. Compound this with the fact that when he shows up, he reliably drops all his damage on you by clicking you (assuming he didn't fail to lock a Gold Card), it's hard to allow him to have high damage numbers relative to other characters that don't have the luxury. This isn't to say I think he's in a good spot necessarily. There may be some opportunities to make him more powerful while simultaneously making him seem fairer, so it's something I'll think on and talk about with the team. I can't guarantee we'll come to a resolution, but I think it will be a good conversation to have. 
Really appreciate the passion of your post. I don't think we should give up on Twisted Fate, either, since I agree he's a pretty cool character."
As for a complaint about Sona not getting any buffs to compensate for the tentative Lich Bane changes, RiotRepertoir commented:
"Hi Postal Miku. 
Thanks for sharing your concerns regarding the Lich Bane changes, especially as it pertains to Sona. There are a few reasons that we decided not to change Sona along with Lich Bane. First, the champion is already performing quite well, consistently averaging a win-rate among the top 20 champions since the beginning of the year. Second, she does not typically rely on Lich Bane to function in the same way that a Fizz or Twisted Fate does. If we were to compensate Sona for Lich Bane nerfs, it's ultimately just a net buff for Sona for everyone not building a Lich Bane. Because Lich Bane actually falls quite low on the most frequently bought items for the character relative to the short list of champions receiving compensation buffs, we think Sona should take at the very most a small hit to her effectiveness.

All that being said, I understand that's probably not what you want to hear. I'll be monitoring the performance of Lich Bane users (including those that didn't end up getting buffs) following the release, and if it turns out there were champions that were highly negatively impacted, we can look into what to do about them."

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