Patch 4.4: Heimerdinger Visual Update

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[ Update: A new "Complete Heimerdinger Bundle" is now up in the shop! Info added to post. ]

EUREKA! Patch 4.4 is here and it includes the Heimerdinger visual update! Everyone's favorite Revered Inventor has a dashing new model, an updated voiceover, and an ingenious swagwalk toggle!
Continue reading for more on Heimerdinger's new look, including a preview for all of his updated skins, his new special interactions, new lore entry, and more!


790 RP or 3150 IP

Before & After
Alternating, wrench auto attack
Spinning rocket dance 
His recall summons the same rocket as dance.
Homeguard animation

( Pasive, Q , W , E, R )
 ( Icons while ultimate is active: Q, W , E )
 ( Eureka! - cosmetic Hidden passive activated by getting a pentakill )
Using the DINGR to lay a turret
Deactivated Turret ( turrets deactivate when Heimer is too far away from them )

Turret auto attack
Turret special attack
Activating R leads to a shocking surprise
R + Q 
R+Q Turret Special
R+Q Turret Auto
R + E

Dedicated Swag Walk Toggle Video:

"By utilizing any of Heimerdinger's emotes (/joke, /taunt, /dance, /laugh), this Yordle will swap between two different runs! "

Updated Skins

Along with his ingenious new model, all of Heimerdinger's skins have also been updated and have new models for both the standard turrets and their UPGRADE!!! mega turrets. 

Alien Invader Heimerdinger

( Legacy Skin )

Before and After

Blast Zone Heimerdinger

520 RP

Before and After

Piltover Customs Heimerdinger

975 RP

Before and After


( Legacy Skin )
Before and After


 Along with his visual improvements, Heimerdinger also has a new lore entry!
"From the Journal of Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger 
Current meteorological conditions in Bandle City seem optimal. Atmospheric pressure is ideal for today's experiments! 
Running a fifth trial for my Tridyminiumobulator this afternoon. Some fine tuning is required; singed my mustache. Need to adjust the energy throughput. 
Tridyminiumobulator is still not maintaining intended proper energy efficiency! Necessary to run more numbers. In the meantime, I have found something else that's very intriguing. 
While returning home after today's tests, I passed a gaggle of young yordles throwing a spherical projectile at each other. It's a simple enough concept: throw the object at someone, catch it, throw it at another yordle, repeat. But yordle miscalculations result in several errors! 
They throw with inconsistent accuracy and force, and the ''ball'' (as they refer to it) is frequently dropped ... There are many ways for this process to be improved. According to my calculations, and after collecting data from the participants, if the pitching was consistent in both speed and arc there would be a 44.57% increase to fun! I need to ponder this for the evening. 
Eureka! I've devised a solution. 
I've invented an automated ball pitcher. Current name: H-28G. It employs a consistent speed and trajectory, ensuring that the recipient will always be able to catch the ball. It redirects itself to the nearest yordle (if there is more than one in the vicinity) ensuring everyone has a turn. I'll take it to the young yordles today and demonstrate my invention. 
Also: spilled toxic acid on my shoes this morning. Bothersome. 
Tested the automated pitcher today. It did not go as planned. The young ones were excited enough about my invention, but, when the machine was turned on, it was far too powerful! Even at its lowest setting it completely knocked a yordle off his feet. Clearly, I overestimated the velocity behind their throws ... I'll return soon to make adjustments. 
But my priority, for now, is the Tridyminiumobulator; I must fix its complications before lunch. Once it's in good shape, I'll need to test it somewhere else. Bandle City is proving insufficient for field research. 
Apparently, there's a giant in town. A highly annoying anomaly. The noise outside is disturbing my research! 
Must check fish tank today. They've been strangely quiet ... 
I have heard that many yordles have been injured due to the giant-related disturbance. If this doesn't stop soon, intervention will be necessary! I hope H-28G is still intact. I would lose a lot of time if it has to be rebuilt. 
Everything is quiet again. It seems that the giant came to his senses and ran off. I need to gather H-28G tomorrow, once I've finished with more pressing matters. I've almost perfected the Tridyminiumobulator! 
Today has been quite eventful already. I was surprised by a knock at my door. It seemed like the entire city was standing in front of my house. Normally, when a crowd has gathered, it's because they have some petty grievance about my work. But this time, they were celebrating! 
Astonishingly, it seems one of the young yordles took advantage of the H-28G prototype I had left behind amidst the giant tomfoolery. He proved to be innovative, and repurposed the invention into a makeshift turret. It's powerful enough to scare off a giant  imagine that! What an ingenious little fellow. 
I wish I could employ his like-minded encephalon in the near future I have big plans and his assistance could be valuable  but he'd have to leave Bandle City. The scope of my plans necessitates a more expansive testing ground. 
Runeterra should suffice!"

Special Interactions:

In addition to his new voiceover, Heimerdinger also has a slew of new special interactions.

For Vel'Koz
  • "I don't agree with your methods, but by golly, do you get results!"
For Jayce
  • "Ah, Jayce. Mind if I borrow some of your hexpertise?"
For Vi
  • "Groundbreaking hextech innovation employed in the service of... punching"
For Viktor
  • " If you seek to replace all humans, there will be no one left to appreciate your work"
For Ziggs
  • "Have you considered making quieter hexplosives?"
  • "Your hexplosives are disturbing my research."
  • "Would you mind taking your hexplosives elsewhere?"

Heimerdinger visual update out of the lab: New Bundle!

Here's Riot NaKyle with more info on the VU and new bundle
"A good long tinker with the ‘Dinger yielded some epic upgrades to his turrets, rockets and grenades. Now the updated Heimerdinger struts out of the lab and onto the Rift. Because the diminutive inventor isn’t all explosions, a spiffy new do adds some style to the dangerous substances. For extra insight into Heimerdinger’s visual update, check out the lab report.

Celebrate the update with a bundle replete with every skin the Dinger has, that includes the legacy Snowmerdinger and Alien Invader skins. Snag the (25% off) Complete Heimerdinger bundle for 3810 RP."

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