[Skin Teaser] The Glorious Evolution of Battlecast Vel’Koz

Posted on at 11:07 AM by Moobeat
While the full skin is available for testing on the PBE, Riot has published a teaser for Battlecast Vel'Koz - another creation of Creator Viktor!
"Username: Creator 
Password: *************
Subject: BC.Infiltrator 
Accessing BC.INFILTRATOR.v3.log2.25 
Captured subject suspends itself in mid-air with no apparent wings or jet propulsion. Point lasers and other Void armaments show Battlecast potential. Subject demonstrates high levels of intelligence, but will be bent to my will. 
Replacing the organic carapace of Void creatures is quotidian science for me, but the shift to gunmetal and red armor never fails to please my inner aesthete. The creature’s intelligence quotient has been retained, but restrained. The creature only interprets data in terms of how to destroy a target. Any other form of expression has been disabled. I reverse-engineered its armaments, significantly upgrading them to high-intensity lasers and advanced rocketry. 
The Infiltrator’s first field test will be to recon a Resistance cell, collect information on the wider network of Resistance members and dispose of the camp’s troublesome leader. Upgraded, evolved and mine, Battlecast Vel’Koz will not fail me." 

We've seen this Battlecast Vel'Koz before.... hrmmm... 

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