2/27 PBE Update: Heimerdinger VU and Arctic Ops Varus

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The PBE has been updated! Heimerdinger's VU is out and ready for testing along side a new Arctic Ops Varus skin, new VFX for Revive, and a handful of tentative balance changes!
Continue reading to check out the latest PBE content!

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Heimerdinger Visual Upgrade

As previewed the other day, Heimerdinger has received a visual upgrade! His base model and all of his skins have been updated, as well as his turrets and mega turret he can place with his ultimate.

Here's Ququroon with more info:
"Hello everyone!  
After a bit of time, the next big thing from the Relaunch Team is here and ready for testing! He's small! He's yellow! He's got a mechanical arm that I'd use for highfives! It's Heimerdinger! 
Please feel free to leave feedback in this thread regarding Heimerdinger or any related bugs you encounter. Your feedback here will influence the changes we make, as well as aiding us in our future champion Visual Upgrades. 
Expect to see many new features with the 'dinger. His abilities aren't the only thing that he's able to UPGRADE!! New models, new turrets, new ult turrets, new VO, new animations, new SFX, new VFX: the works! In addition to all of this, Heimerdinger has created an invention that will allow for MAXIMUM SWAG OUTPUT! By utilizing any of Heimerdinger's emotes (/joke, /taunt, /dance, /laugh), this Yordle will swap between two different runs! 
Please post all bugs and feedback that you have in this thread! I'll be constantly (and obsessively) checking your posts! Now is the time to experiment FOR GREAT SCIENCE!"

[ For reference, here are the preview pictures to from the original VU reveal ]


790 RP or 3150 IP

Before & After
Alternating, wrench auto attack
Spinning rocket dance 
His recall summons the same rocket as dance.
Haste animation
Shiny new icons
Icons with Ult Active
Using the DINGR to lay a turret
Deactivated Turret ( turrets deactivate when Heimer is too far away from them )

Turret auto attack
Turret special attack
Activating R leads to a shocking surprise
R + Q 
R+Q Turret Special
R+Q Turret Auto

R + E

Dedicated Swag Walk Toggle Video:

"By utilizing any of Heimerdinger's emotes (/joke, /taunt, /dance, /laugh), this Yordle will swap between two different runs! "

Special Interactions:

As you likely heard in the VO video, Heimer has oodles of special interactions!

For Ziggs
  • "I don't agree with your methods, but by golly, do you get results!"
  • "Have you considered making quieter explosives?"
  • "Your hexplosives are disturbing my research."
  • "Would you mind taking your hexplosives elsewhere?"
For Viktor
  • " If you seek to replace all humans, there will be no one left to appreciate your work"

For Vi
  • "Groundbreaking hextech innovation employed in the service of... punching"

For Jayce
  • "Ah, Jayce. Mind if I borrow some of your hexpertise?"

Alien Invader Heimerdinger

( Legacy Skin )

Blast Zone Heimerdinger

520 RP

Piltover Customs Heimerdinger

975 RP

Dance rocket

deactivated turret


( Legacy Skin )
/ dance features a cookie rocket.
His recall also has a delicious cookie rocket.

New Skins

Arctic Ops Varus

975 RP
Passive after killing minions.

New Revive VFX

The summoner spell Revive has new, wispy VFX.

Balance Changes

* Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.

  • Moonsilver Blade ( Passive ) AP ratio increased to .8 from .6

  • Seastone Trident ( W ) Active AP ratio increased to .25 AP from .15 AP
  • Movement speed increased to 340 from 335

  • Base Health lowered to 390 from 411.
Twisted Fate
  • Pick A Card ( W ) ability power ratio increased to .5 AP from .4 AP
  • Stacked Deck ( E ) passive damage AP ratio increased to .5 AP from .4 AP


Lich Bane
  • Passive: Spellblade changed to [75% base attack damage  + 50% of ability power] from [50 damage +75% of ability power].


  • Attack damage lowered to 110
  • Attacks no longer reduce attack speed.
  • Attacks now apply a debuff that reduces healing.
  • [Context] : We saw these pop up late in the 4.3 PBE cycle. They have returned 

With the release of live patch 4.3, we have started a new PBE cycle!

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