Red Post Collection: Gangplank and Darius Reworks in development, Context on Kog'Maw's Q becoming a skill shot, and more!

Posted on at 2:58 AM by Moobeat
Tonight's red post collection features more discussion on reworks, comments that both Gangplank and Darius have reworks in development, gypsylord elaborating on changing Kog'Maw's Q to a skill shot, and a few comments on the recent EU server problems.
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Continued Rework Discussion - Darius and Gangplank reworks in development

ZenonTheStoic returned to the "Why do we do reworks" thread to discuss more upcoming reworks, noting that both Gangplank and Darius have reworks of some sort in the pipeline:
"Irelia - Coldish. I think we need to spend some more time thinking about what we want bruisers to be. 
Akali - Cold. I feel she's in a decent place. Her dueling potential may be too high, but in team fights enemies have tools to control her. She benefited a little from the removal of oracle's, but it's not the end of the world (note that in the Voyboy game today we saw an Akali snowball crazy out of control. Any champion is going to be a problem at 11/0) 
Gangplank - Hot hot hot. RiotGMang is working on a rework that has us all very excited. He very much keeps his global cannon barrage ult and gets one very cool new ability that I don't want to spoil. GMang will talk about it when he's ready. However I still think the rework needs more treasure. 
Darius - Reasonably hot. We have a rework that sort of got 90% of the way there. We want to position Darius as a teamfight time bomb (get to max stacks bleed and dunk fools). One of our brilliant interns worked on this last year and RiotScruffy finished it up. It's currently mothballed as we wait for art resources (there are other reworks that are much higher on the list in terms of art). Scruffy himself can probably talk more about this. Personally I enjoyed jungling the new Darius a LOT in our internal playtests."

He also commented briefly on Talon, saying:
"I agree that Talon could really use a rework, but no one is currently working on him."

Riot GMang also popped up to add just a little more about Gangplank rework, replying that GP won't be losing his Remove Scurvy ability:
"Don't worry he still binges on citrus. He's still Gangplank. Maybe even more Gangplank. :)"

To elaborate on the Darius rework, RiotScruffy commented:
"We aren't looking to fundamentally change the way Darius plays. Overall we are trying to emphasize and focus on him as a real ramping threat. He builds up a little slower but if he gets rolling, his damage gets pretty insane. And as usual, we are looking for small adjustments to his abilities to increase readability and add more gameplay for opponents."

Meddler also mentioned Poppy's rework, noting it's still a ways off:
"Nothing new to report yet. A Poppy rework's a while off so kit changes have yet to be prototyped or even nailed down on paper (various other reworks, some large, some small, that will be out first). Definitely a good candidate for a community discussion thread though, quite agree."

Replying to comments about rework champions who aren't weak, ZenonTheStoic reminded summoners to reread the initial rework statements posted by RiotScruffy the other day:
"MackleDoge, I refer you back to the first post. We don't do reworks because a champion is weak."

Context on Kog'Maw's Q becoming a skill shot

Kog'Maw's skill shot Q from the 1/15 PB update.
Gypsylord popped up on the forums with context on recent PBE changes to Kog'Maw's Q, which has been changed to a skill shot in a recent PBE update.
"Yes! Let's buff Kog'Maw! 
Here's what I'm planning (numbers are subject to change) 
Caustic Spittle
  • Now a Skill Shot
  • Range increased to 925 (from 625)
  • Missile Speed increased to 1550 (from 1500)
  • Damage increased to 80/130/180/230/280 (from 60/110/160/210/260)
  • Allow me to explain the intent here.

Current Kog Q (the targeted one) has strong anti-synergies with the rest of his kit. Everything Kog does asides from Q tells him to stay as far away as he can from enemies while poking them to death. Then Q comes in and says,"Hey you do a lot of mixed damage! Wouldn't it be cool to shred their resists and amp that? COOL GO WALK UP TO THEM!" Kog's Q in its current form feels pretty awful because if he's playing optimally HE SHOULD NEVER BE IN RANGE TO CAST THE SPELL.

The number 1 goal of this change is to make Kog's kit feel better as whole and better support the fantasy of being a long-range artillery cannon. Hence the skill shot. Changing the targeting paradigm allows me to increase the range of the spell to synergize with max range AA's amped by W. 
To respond to those saying "skillshot = nerf," I would argue that the added ranged harass and damage amp potential more than makes up for the fact that it can miss and sometimes Taric will block it.

Kog'Maw should now be able to fish for last hits or shreds in lane and then follow up with amped W, E, R whenever he lands a Q on a champion. I'm also just straight up increasing Q damage by 20 at all ranks so if you do end up hitting with it it's always going to hurt a bit more than it used to."

Regarding recent EU lag

Riot tmx commented in a thread on the recent EU server issues that caused widespread lag over the past day:
"Agree with you too, it can be frustrating. We're dealing with similar issues since yesterday afternoon GMT and it's all about lag. We're having some issues with our provider's providers (yeah, it's a tangled network of global peering), but we're also investigating if we can reduce bandwidth usage on our end. Laggy days shouldn't happen at all, but it's really unfortunate when it happens at the beginning of the new Season. Each time we mitigate the lag and re-enable ranked, the latency problem hit as again. That's the main reason on why we keep ranked queues disabled for so many hours -- it's better to fix the problem than expose you up for a risk of losing ranked game. Another fact is that we see a major increase in amount of players logging into our servers during these days, which obviously is great. 
Our current step was to disable spectator grid across EUW and EUNE environments. Our provider is stable for last 2 hours and we'll re-enable ranked queues shortly. Our Network Operating Center, as well as Network engineers and system administrators are on standby. We did work the entire day GMT on that, and we're going to use our US shift to take it over form us, if something hits us again tonight."
"We tend to focus on fixing the actual problem and try to keep you informed in Service Status section. Sure, it's just pure minimum of information, but we're still working on our Service Status page 2.0 with solid player messaging during incidents in all languages. 
I'll add this, although I probably shouldn't, but we exactly know which circuit was lagging and what's the total amount of lagging servers. We know it's just part of our overall pool (less than 20% in EUW and 25% in EUNE), but unfortunately it's impossible to predict on which server your game is going to be allocated. It's not the excuse as the entire platform was in degraded status, but huge chunk of players just didn't face the lag in any single game they played."


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