[ PBE Coverage ] Updates to Scorched Earth Renekton, New Rumble Q Particles, New Pantheon Movement animations

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It turns out we've missed some new things in the recent PBE updates! Check out the post for a look at the recent texture updates to Scorched Earth Renekton, a look at the hot new particles for Rumble's Q, and a preview of Pantheon's new movement animations .
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Scorched Earth Renekton Updates

Scorched Earth Renekton, an unreleased skin that first appeared on the PBE in March 2013, has received some texture updates in one of the recent PBE patches!

Here's a side by side comparison of the recent update vs the old textures:
Notice the differences in armor color and on the weapon.
Perhaps this means things are looking up for this long lost skin!

New Rumble Q Particles

Rumble's Flamespitter ( Q ) got a hot new particle back in the 1/15 PBE update
Normal Q 
Q during Overheat
PBE particle vs Live particle. The new PBE particle seems to better represent the range of Rumble's Q
Here's a video:

Updated Pantheon Run, Block, and, Haste animation.

Also in the 1/15 PBE Update, Pantheon got an updated animation for his Run, Haste ( different run animation that triggers above a certain movement speed ), and run animation while his passive is up.
Pantheon has a new pose when moving while his passive's block is up.

Here's a video of the new animations in action, complete with examples of his current live animations.

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