OGN Champions Winter Bundle now available!

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A new, limited time flex bundle to celebrate SK Telecom T1 K's recent victory in OGN Champions Winter is now available! This flex bundle features the team's winning line up of Shyvana,  Elise, Riven, Sivir, and Alistar  plus a skin for each of the champions all for 50% off the normal price - starting at 3935 RP and scaling down based on what you already own! Both this and the OGN Summoner icons will be available until Feb 3rd.
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Here's WizardCrab with the full scoop:

"Celebrate the new OGN Champions Winter winners, SK Telecom T1 K, with a limited time bundle featuring the champions and skins they used to secure victory! This bundle includes champions and skins that were crucial to the team’s stellar performance in the grand finals, all for 50% off! 


Shyvana (with Ironscale Shyvana) – Impact played Shyvana to perfection in game 2 zoning out opposing carries and tanking for his team. He went 11/0/8 and earned the MVP for the game.


Elise (with Death Blossom Elise) – Elise was huge in all three games, with Bengi using her to assassinate high priority targets throughout chaotic team fights, as well as setting up early ganks for his team.


Riven (with Battle Bunny Riven) – Faker was an absolute beast on Riven, picking up great solo kills on Ozone’s midlaner Dade early game and providing excellent burst in late game team fights to help secure the victory for his team.


Sivir (with Warrior Princess Sivir) – Sivir was an instrumental pick in all three games from both teams, but Piglet used “On the Hunt” to perfection to setup great engages and disengages for his team through the first two games.


Alistar (with Infernal Alistar) – PoohManDu was instrumental in shutting down opposing carries, with his brilliant use of exhaust in combination with “Pulverize” and “Headbutt” both in lane and in the late game.

This bundle will be available for 50% off at 2097 RP (3935 RP if you need the champions). This is also your last chance to pick up the Korean pro team summoner icons, which will be leaving the store soon. Both the new OGN Champions Winter bundle and the Korean pro team summoner icons will only be available until February 3rd, so pick them up while you can!"

Finally, here's a link to skin spotlights of each of the discounted skins:

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