EU LCS Spring Split Week 1: Super Week!

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The LCS is back and we are kicking off things off with a SUPER WEEK! That's right, the first week of the 2014 EU LCS Spring Split is a three day slugfest featuring 16 games spread over three days of eSports action!
Continue reading for a ( spoiler free ) look at team info, schedules, and VODs once they become available!

( Please be aware that this post WILL BE UPDATED as the action continues throughout the week. VODs and any other pertinent info will be posted once available! )

2014 EU Spring Split Week 1

The 2014 EU LCS Spring Split will feature Europe's top eight teams - Alliance, Copenhagen Wolves, Fnatic, Gambit, Millenium, Roccat, SK Gaming, and SUPA HOT CREW XD - playing each other team four times, totaling 28 games across the split. At the end of the split,the top teams will continue into the playoffs while the bottom teams will face off against the best the challenger ladder has to offer.


Since this is the first week of the season, let's catch up on the each team's starting rosters!

  • Wickd (Top)
  • Shook (Jungler)
  • Froggen (Mid)
  • Tabzz (AD Carry)
  • Nyph (Support)

  • YoungBuck (Top)
  • Amazing (Jungler)
  • cowTard (Mid)
  • Forg1ven (AD Carry)
  • Unlimited (Support)

  • sOAZ (Top)
  • Cyanide (Jungler)
  • xPeke (Mid)
  • Rekkles (AD Carry)
  • YellOwStaR (Support)

  • Darien (Top)
  • Diamond (Jungler)
  • Alex Ich (Mid)
  • Genja (AD Carry)
  • EDward (Support)

Millenium (previously Team ALTERNATE):
  • Kev1n (Top)
  • Araneae (Jungler)
  • Kerp (Mid)
  • Creaton (AD Carry)
  • Jree (Support)

ROCCAT (previously Kiedys Mialem Team):
  • Xaxus (Top)
  • Jankos (Jungler)
  • Overpow (Mid)
  • Celaver (AD Carry)
  • VandeR (Support)

  • fredy122 (Top)
  • Svenskeren (Jungler)
  • Jesiz (Mid)
  • CandyPanda (AD Carry)
  • nRated (Support)

  • Mimer (Top)
  • Amin (Jungler)
  • Moopz (Mid)
  • MrRalleZ (AD Carry)
  • Migxa (Support)



Day 1 - January 14th - Beginning at 9:30 AM PST // 18:30 CET

Fnatic vs. Gambit BenQ
9:30 AM PST // 18:30 CET

Copenhagen Wolves vs. Alliance 
10:15 AM PST // 19:15 CET

SUPA HOT CREW XD vs. Roccat 
11:00 AM PST // 20:00 CET

Alliance vs. Fnatic
11:45 AM PST //  20:45 CET

Gambit BenQ vs. Copenhagen Wolves 
12:30 PM PST // 21:30 CET

SK Gaming vs. Millenium 
1:15 PM PST //  22:15 CET

Day 2 - January 15th - Beginning at 10:00 AM PST // 19:00 CET

SUPA HOT CREW XD vs. Alliance
10:00 AM PST // 19:00 CET

Fnatic vs. SK Gaming
10:45 AM PST // 19:45 CET

Millenium vs. Gambit BenQ
11:30 AM PST // 20:30 CET

Copenhagen Wolves vs. SK Gaming
12:15 PM PST // 21:15 CET

ROCCAT vs. Millenium
1:00 PM PST // 22:00 CET

Day 3 - January 16th - Beginning at 10:00 AM PST // 19:00 CET

10:00 AM PST // 19:00 CET

Millenium vs. Fnatic
10:45 AM PST // 19:45 CET

ROCCAT vs. Copenhagen Wolves
11:30 AM PST // 20:30 CET

Gambit BenQ vs. SUPA HOT CREW XD
12:15 PM PST // 21:15 CET

Alliance vs. ROCCAT
1:00 PM PST // 22:00 CET
VoDs (when available)

As always, feel free to check for more information and advanced scheduling! 
The first week of the NA LCS starts up on January 17th so be sure to tune in later in the week for that!

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