2014 season ranked play begins + Leagues Patch notes

Posted on at 5:24 PM by Moobeat
Good news everyone - ranked queues are back up, ranked stats are reset, and the 2014 season has started!

Here's Riot Socrates with the scoop:
"We’re kicking off the 2014 season and every moment counts. We’ve reset the ranked ladder and players all over the world are battling through their placement matches. Check out the patch notes for more information and start your fight to the top."

Continue reading for a set of notes for the 1/16 Leagues Patch!

Here's what the updated patch notes for the Leagues changes, intro'd by Riot Pwyff:
"The 2014 season began and Leagues have been reset. A lot of our changes are focused on observations from last season’s ranked play. When we first made leagues we wanted to combat “ladder anxiety” where players were too nervous about losing their rank to actually play. However, what we ended up seeing were group of players who would reach division V of a tier and then tank their games as they exploited demotion immunity. 
No bueno. 
For the 2014 season, it’s possible for a player to get demoted out of a league if they continuously play at a much lower skill level while losing games. You’ll be sufficiently warned of the demotion if it looms, but the change will improve ranked play at division V tiers. 
We also removed “LP clamping” where players would only see tiny LP gains at division 1 of their tier. Clamping will still be in effect at Diamond I (because Challenger should rep the best players, so it needs to be strict), but all other tiers will see regular LP gains from now on. 
Alright, I’m gonna go start my placement matches. 


  • Ranked solo, duo, and ranked team stats have been reset for the start of the 2014 season
  • Play 10 games in ranked solo or duo queue, or 5 games in ranked teams to be seeded into a league!
  • Ranked inactivity will be reset and re-enabled for the start of the season
  • Changed LP calculations so players will no longer see a sudden decrease in gains when hitting division I in all tiers (except Diamond)
  • Tier demotions and shielding have been added
  • Once you enter a new tier, you’ll have a set number of games where you are invulnerable to dropping out
  • After you play these games, if you fall a full tier below your placement in terms of MMR, a demotion warning will appear in your profile (IE: A Gold V player playing at a Silver V skill level would see this warning)
  • Continuing to lose games at 0 LP will result in a demotion to division I of the next lower tier
  • Challenger pool in solo and duo ranked queues have been increased to 200 players (from 50)

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