1/1 - Riot Socrates on today's League Point Problems

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Here's Riot Socrates with a quick update on  today's issues that caused LP calculations to be a bit off.
"Hey summoners, earlier today there was a server issue with ranked games that caused LP calculations to be slightly less favorable for players during this period. In other words if you lost a game you lost more LP and if you won a game you earned less LP. The issue should now be fixed in all regions and ranked queues have been re-enabled. If you played a game during this period you will see improved gains and smaller losses for your next few games to compensate for the poor gains from games won or lost during this period. Also, any wins and losses that occurred during this period will be calculated correctly in terms of how they factor into your placement for the 2014 season. 
Some concerns were brought up about clamping as it was especially harsh when this issue was occurring. I want to reaffirm that clamping will be removed at the start of the 2014 season for all divisions except diamond 1."
Continue reading for a few more comments on this situation and a few other oddball questions about the League system!

When asked for more info on the values readjusting themselves, he replied,
"It depends on when the games were played. During the period it was pushing LP calcs down a little too hard. So now it'll try to compensate by pushing them back up. The rate of change will depend on how far out of alignment you were with the system so for some players it'll be a small change, for others it'll be a bit bigger."

Over on reddit, Riot Socrates also fielded a few more questions about today's problems and ranked in general:

Riot Socrates reiterated that this was only an LP issue and did not affect hidden MMR ( match making rating ):
"Yea MMR gains were unaffected by this."

When asked when we can expect to the S4 soft reset, he replied:
"League placement will reset at the start of the 2014 season. I'm not sure if we've announced the date for that yet but it's not far off."

He also commented on the decision to remove clamping for the 2014 season in all divisions except Diamond 1 and shared his thoughts on the League System vs the old system:
"The big difference is you won't hit a wall where you suddenly see small gains when you get promoted to a d1. So while it will make it slightly easier to climb through division 1s, the underlying rules for all LP gains will still apply to keep players positions in check. We monitored player standing in leagues over the course of this season and are confident that even without clamping players will be accurately placed in terms of standing. 
The point about the value of gold / plat / diamond is something we've discussed a lot and are still working on a solution for. In season 2 the system was too exclusive with too few players getting to feel good about their accomplishments. Leagues was a big improvement on that front but we feel like the top end could be better."

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