Winter Wonder Lulu still tastes purple?

Posted on at 11:27 AM by Moobeat
Here's Pabro with a heads up on Winter Wonder Lulu, one of the three skins celebrating this year's Snowdown!
 "Trailed by a transmogrified, poro-whimsic Pix, Winter Wonder Lulu is ready for Snowdown. Shiver at the icy sound of a newly glacial Glitterlance and beware polymorphification into a harmless, carrot-nostriled snowchamp. After frosting over her foes, the Winter Wonder sails into the cool Snowdown sunset on a darling poro-loon."
"Spread poros to each and every queue with Winter Wonder Lulu, available only during Snowdown"

Be sure to notice that Winter Wonder Lulu now has blue eyes instead of pink eyes like she had on the PBE and be aware the last line of the announcement confirms these skins will be legacy!

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