This Week in eSports 11/25 - 12/1

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It's that time again - time for another "This Week in eSports!"!
Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Continue reading for the latest on roster changes,  off season events, and MORE!


  • [NA/EU] The Season 4 Promotion Tournament challenger teams have finally been completed.
    • For NA
      • Quantic Gaming
      • To Be Determined
      • The Walking Zed (ex-ggLA)
      • vVv Gaming (ex-Vex) (Replacing Napkins in Disguise)
      • COGnitive Gaming
      • compLexity Gaming
    • For EU
      • The Fox Sound
      • H2k-Gaming
      • Salade Tomate Oignon
      • Copenhagen Wolves
      • TCM-Gaming
    • Information about the group stages for the challenger tournament on December 6th can be found here.

  • [KR] OGNWinter continues December 4th with more round of 16 action! Check out and follow their twitch page for more information.  

  • [NA] The North American Challenger League (otherwise known as Salty league) continues for super week/the final week of their 8 week challenger season with a $35,000 prize pool. A list of participating teams can be found on the Leaguepedia page. Be sure to check out/follow the stream Monday-Thursday for matches!

  • [All] WCG 2013 completed over Thanksgiving weekend with CJ Entus Blaze coming in 1st, OMG in 2nd, and Team WE in third. Unfortunately NA wasn't represented as compLexity had to drop out of the tournament due to issues. VoDs can be found over on Leaguepedia when available. 

  • [KR/CN/GPL/SEA] IEM Singapore wrapped up over the weekend with Invictus Gaming coming in 1st and CJ Entus Frost coming in second. VoDs can be found over on the Leaguepedia page when available. 

  • [All] IEM Cologne wrapped up on the 24th with Gambit Gaming coming in 1st and Fnatic coming in 2nd. VoDs can be found via Leaguepedia

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [NA] compLexity announced that they are releasing their mid laner pr0lly. Full announcement can be found over on complexity's site

  • [NA] Team Coast announced their new AD Carry will be Wizfujiin. Full announcement can be found over on lolesports

  • [KR] Team Dark was disqualified from OGN and NLB due to a game in which they picked all of Cloudtemplar's junglers and spammed wards with general trolling. They will lose all money given to them for being a final 16 team and won't be able to play for the entirety of the season. More information and a VoD can be found via reddit

  • [China] Tabe was banned from all tournaments and teams within China due to speaking out against the L.ACE eSport group (which is the administrative body of LPL). Not a whole lot of information is available regarding the circumstances and seriousness but the full reddit thread can be found here

As always, feel free to leave any eSports questions you may have for me in the comments below! Also, just a note - I won't post rumors or anything but confirmed information in the recap. Regardless of how obvious it may be that a team is picking up players, unconfirmed news can change within seconds. 

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