Red Post Collection: Yasuo Tidbits and Bug Fixes, Gifting Limit up until end of Dec 25th, and more!

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Happy Holidays everyone! This afternoon's red post collection features several tidbits on Yasuo and various bug fixes coming his way, Udyr announcing that gifting caps are being temporarily raised from 3 to 6 until the end of Dec 25th PST, and notice on the Winter Holidays Live Server status thread for EU!
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Yasuo Tidbits and Bug Fixes

To start things off, CertainlyT confirmed Yasuo's W blocking ally Syndra's orbs when she uses her E is not intended and will be fixed soon.
"This is definitely not intended. A fix is in for next patch. Very sorry, this must be obnoxious."
Continuing on about bugs,  he also confirmed that being able to Zhonya's while in Yasuo's ult is unintentional.
"This is a bug that can sometimes occur when one CC replaces another. It should hopefully be fixed for Yasuo's R specifically next patch and all champions by the patch after."

When asked if there were any plans to change Yasuo's Q hitbox, he commented:
"No changes planned for the Q. It feels spot on to me. Do you feel the particle extends too far or not far enough?"
He continued:
"If the particle is extending beyond the spell's effect, we can definitely reduce the particle. I'll look into it further."

When asked why there is no option to "not smart cast" Yasuo's Q, he replied:
"We use forced smartcasting only where it's absolutely required to have the ability function. In this case, the ability is not usable without smart casting -- we tried everything from newer players to diamond 1 players using him without smartcast on the Q and all failed. He's a high APM champion as is."

CertianlyT also mentioned that originally Yasuo's Q was a bit different - it used to scale in width!
"The original ability grew with each cast of Q, first in width then into a whirlwind. It proved very difficult to use in playtests and keeping track of an enemy Yasuo's Q state was very tough on the enemy."

Gift Send / Receive Limits up to 6 / per day until End of December 25th

Udyr with more info on the gift limits being temporarily raised for the next two days :
"In the spirit of holiday cheer, we've upped the send/receive limits on gifting from 3 to 6 until the end of the 25th PST 
Happy Snowdown and hope everyone has the opportunity to spread the holiday cheer!
This is active on: NA EUW EUNE KR BR LAN LAS OCE
Turkey and Russia will have their own short windows at a later date."

EU Winter Holidays Live Server Status

 In an effort to keep EU summoners informed during the holiday season, Riot tmx has started up a server status thread to track the day to day status of the EU based servers.
"Over the Holidays we want to provide you with daily service status updates. Starting from Dec 22st, I’m going to summarize the day before whether we've encountered issues or not and give you the updates consisting of:
  • Platform uptime: The % of time our LoL servers are up and running. Any value below 100% listed in this category is described as platform outage.
  • Quality Uptime: Daily time % of all round service quality. This includes game, login queue, store, forums, lag etc. Any value below 100% listed in this category is described as degraded service.
  • Major incidents’ summary.

As a disclaimer: we want you to understand that these numbers are our global metrics for EUW platform and all corresponding services. We'll be 100% honest in listening incidents and the percentage values of downtime or degraded service, and I personally will be giving you updates regarding all serious problems in this thread. We just need you to know, that there are various other things that can impact your connection beyond the platform/game servers/web boxes, so please understand, that we can’t be responsible for any problems beyond Riot Games and our provider’s services."
Be sure to check the forum thread for more info / daily updates.

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