Red Post Collection: Skarner Disabled on Live, 3.15 to OCE on Dec 18th, Yasuo's lack of scaling MR, and MORE!

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This morning's red post collection features a notice that Skarner has been disabled due to his rework accidentally shipping to live, a heads up that the Oceania servers will be getting patch 3.15 a few days late, CertainlyT talking about Yasuo's lack of scaling MR, and more!
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Recent News

What a busy news day! Here's some links to recent articles just to make sure you don't miss anything:

Skarner Disabled due to accidentally shipping his rework to live

As you may have noticed from the client warning, Skarner was disabled following the application of patch 3.15.

Here's Riot Rival's post  on the issues from the server status forums:

Skarner has been disabled due non-intended changes to his kit introduced with this patch. We’ll be able to hotfix these changes ASAP. We’ll keep you updated as we go, but we apologize for the disruption!"

As for these "non- intended changes", Riot Pwyff explained:
"Hey all,

Quick context: We accidentally shipped the Skarner rework to the live, well ahead of his time. We've since disabled the purple bug and will be rolling him back to his original kit as soon as possible.

While we've already had a lot of discussion surrounding our Skarner rework (many of you have seen him appearing on the PBE now and then), we haven't yet swept him for any additional glitches (you might say bugs) that could be introduced with his new kit. We're also still in the process of fine-tuning his balance.

Long story short: Skarner will be fixed, available, and Energized to go as soon as possible. We're just making sure when we revert him we don't also Fracture the servers."

Why No MR per level on Yasuo?

When asked why Yasuo does not have scaling MR per level, CertainlyT commented:
"A couple of reasons, neither of which was dispositive on its own:

Yasuo's shield gives him a substantial advantage against champions who need to expend resources to break it. Removal of MR gave them a better matchup -- mana based damage is more often than not magic -- without having to resort to solutions like 0 health regen.

Yasuo is about active defenses -- avoiding damage through dashes, wind walls, and engaging around his passive shield. Removing his MR per level allowed us to put more power into those abilities. SmashGizmo and I felt this was a more satisfying way to win trades than simply mitigating a higher percentage of damage taken.

Upon reflection, lower base MR (say 25 starting MR) likely would have been a superior solution than the removal of MR per level."

OCE Patch 3.15 Announced for December 18th

Riot ToxicHawk has posted on the OCE server status forums announcing OCE will be getting patch 3.15 a few days late on December 18th.

On 18/12/13, starting at 04:30 AM AEDT, ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 3.15. At 06:00 AM AEDT, the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 6 hours."
ToxicHawk continued, confirming the December 18th date:
"Guys the date is correct. We are receiving it on the 18th December.

There are currently some bugs on the other regions that we are working to fix, so it would seem a bad idea to push the patch out to OCE and then have to fix the bugs as well.

If any further information comes to light I will update the main post."
In response to a summoner disgruntled by the news, ToxicHawk replied:
"I can understand your frustration. But I can assure you I'm here in the office on the weekend working to get things fixed. 
The other regions only received their patches yesterday, and as soon as we found the bugs the relevant actions were taken to try and fix them. 
Believe me I want to play the new champ as much as everyone else."
He continued, again responding to hostilities being hurled his way over the news of the patch's delay:
"I just want to say I never said that I was the only person working to fix the issue. I only answered a response that because it was a weekend we were to lazy to do anything. 
The choice to do the patch on 18/12/13 was not my choice it was the Patch teams choice, I am merely assisting them in performing certain tasks to resolve the bugs on the previous regions that are experiencing issues. 
In regards to the other regions have the patch, EU West, EU Nordic, Turkey, Russia and NA are the only regions with the patch there is 
still all of Garena, Korea, China and of course Oceania who do not have 3.15.
I am sorry you feel my comments indicated that I was the all knowing god tech and I will ensure to re-read my statements prior posting them in the future so as to not give the wrong impression. 
The decision to not post the announcement of Patch 3.15 was made as we didn't want to say we will be patching at X time, then have to go back and give bad news and say sorry we need to change the date now due to bugs that were found. I can see that it is quite frustrating to not know the information and I have noted this down so I can discuss the situation with all the team to ensure we are keeping the players informed as best as possible.

I hope this clears a few things up."

Team Builder Testing Availability 

As a follow up to yesterday's Team Builder Update, missmechazero posted on how the team is handling the availability of team builder testing:
"Hi Galexbeta, 
Wanted to stop in and speak about this a bit since I know it's frustrating to not know when Team Builder will be available. We are trying to make the queue consistently available between 6 AM and 4 PM on testing days, but we are unfortunately subject to interrupt when the environment is experiencing issues or when a deploy is planned. This morning, we are waiting for the PBE deploy to complete in order to turn the queue on for testing. Since this is the case, we are striving to make it available for several hours after the environment deploy completes. 
Barring any issues or deploys, I can tell you that our team is doing their best to make the queue available between 6 AM and 4 PM on the days that we're bringing it up for testing. If we discover we can leave it up on additional days and times, we'll try to make that information available in advance as much as we possibly can here on these forums. 
I know it's not a perfect answer, but thank you for being patient with us while we try to make things better. The Player Behavior team cares tremendously about getting players enough opportunities to test on the PBE. 
Kind regards,
Miss Mecha Zero"

Time Frame on new Splash Arts

In a reddit thread lamenting the continuing lack of updated skin splash arts for post-rework Nidalee, Tryndamere commented that most splashes take about a month to complete:
"Just as a note, in order to hit the new splash quality, it takes an amazing artist a month to do one piece."

Bug with Yasuo's Ult and Lee Sin / Riven to be hotfixed

In a reddit thread pointing out that Yasuo's ult is currently bugged when used on targets knocked up by Lee Sin's R and Riven's Q3, CertainlyT commented that these issues will be hot fixed soon:
"Thanks for the report. The bug appears to be specific to Lee Sin and Riven -- RiotAthanatos and Riot... err I only know her by her real name ;-( just tested every knockup/knockback in the game. We'll be hotfixing tonight. 
For what it's worth, you can also use these abilities to stop Malphite's Unstoppable Force until we deploy the hotfix. Kicking Malphite out of his dash sounds pretty epic, so exploit away for the next couple hours."

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