Red Post Collection: OGN Summoner icons and PBE Updates on hold until Jan 5th!

Posted on at 5:22 PM by Moobeat
While I'm sure you are all still out there enjoying the Snowdown, here's a short red post collection for you - topics include the ten new OGN Champions Winter summoner icons and news that PBE updates will be suspended until Jan 5th due to the holidays!
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Recent News:

Celebrate OGN and esports with summoner icons

Ten new summoner icons featuring teams participating in OGN Champions Winter are now available for 250 RP each or all of them are available in a bundle for 2000 RP!
"Celebrate OGN Champions Winter with permanent summoner icons for teams and organizations, including the World Champion SK Telecom T1. Show your support as the top Korean players charge into the playoffs and stake their claim on the Winter title. When you purchase a team icon, 20% of the price goes directly to that team as a bonus and the other 80% goes to support esports (prizes, salaries, events, streaming). 
Each summoner icon runs at 250 RP and is available from now until the end of OGN Champions Winter. Learn more about OGN Champions Winter at"
SKT T1, KT Rolser, IM, Alienware Andromeda, Xenics Storm, Jin Air Greenwings, Samsung Galaxy, Team NB, CJ Entus, and Najin e-mFire all have icons available.

PBE Updates on Hold until Jan 5th

Due to the upcoming holidays, no more PBE updates will be pushed out until Jan 5th!

Here's the quote, straight from the sidebar of the PBE community site:
"From Dec 20 through Jan 5, daily PBE updates are on hold. Enjoy the holidays!"

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