Red Post Collection: Next Support in Early 2014, Status update on Rengar, Rune Page and Mystery Champion gifting on PBE

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Tonight's red post collection features a comment on when we can expect the next support champion, a small status update on the Rengar rework, a heads up that rune page gifting and mystery champion gifting are currently testing on the PBE, and more!
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Recent News

Next Support in Early 2014

With the year nearing it's end, a few summoners have pointed out that Riot failed to meet their goal of releasing two support champions for the year.

Meddler responded to this, commenting that the next support champion got pushed into 2014 and will be coming out early next year!
"We did originally expect we'd release a second support in 2013, when we decided to slow down our new champion release rate that support slot got pushed into 2014 instead however. As a result we've got an upcoming support fairly early on in next year's lineup."

Continuing the support discussion, Meddler also replied to a question about a potential Zilean rework:
"We're hoping to do some gameplay work on him next year. It's a far enough out project we don't have specific kit changes in mind yet, it'll almost certainly involve a new passive with more interaction to it though. I'll pass on the suggestion of a forum thread to the Rioter who'll be looking at him, those discussions have been extremely valuable in the past."

Status Update on Rengar Rework

Scarizard swung by the forums today to drop off an update on that Rengar changes he's been eyeing for a while.
"Dear Friends (and other internet denizens) 
With Preseason out of the way, we totally playtested Rengar today (exactly as described in the OP). For the Quick Breakdown: 
12/3/24 - 21/9/0 - Jungle - Bonetooth Necklace (14 Stacks), Mercury Treads, Trinity Force, Randuin's Omen, Spirit Visage, Ravenous Hydra. 
Firing up the Knifecat Machine and looking to get this off the ground now that i (and not to mention my team) have more bandwidth overall. Been reading over a lot of your concerns - i don't think Brush removal is actually that big a hit to Rengar (totally anecdotal, but haven't seen it impact his performance significantly on Live or Internally), but i do agree that my vision of BTN as a Jungle Item likely needs to be revised with the Preseason Changes. 
SO. My Big Question: How would y'all feel about Bounty Hunter on BTN as it's Gold Generation passive?"
Click here for more info on the tentative Rengar changes.

Explanation on Justicar Syndra

In a thread titled "Justicar Syndra is dumb", Meddler explained the ideology behind the Justicar Syndra skin:
"Sometimes with skins we'll explore an existing aspect of a champion and really amplify it or imagine what they might be like in the future. Other times we'll try a new take on a character. Our intention with Justicar Syndra was to explore visually what Syndra could have been like under very different circumstances. 'Merciless Justice' was one of the early phrases we used that stuck, with Syndra's personality translating into hints of enforcement/fanatical fervor (an "I am the law" sort of vibe), in contrast to the base skin's focus on personal power, striving to never be under the control of others again."

[ PBE ] Rune Pages and Mystery Champion Gifting 

It looks like Riot has been working on expanding the gifting line up to include both rune pages and mystery champions!

Here's Saberprivateer with more info on the new gift options currently testing on the PBE:
"Howdy Summoners from your friendly Unlock Team, 
We've recently enabled Rune Page Gifting and Gifting a Mystery Champion on PBE. Please let us know what you think and if there are any suggestions. 
FYI: For Mystery Champion: Similar to Mystery Skin your friend must have a pool of at least 10 champions available in order for it to work. 
Happy Gifting!"

Udyr also commented on twitter that Mystery Champion gifting "includes all 585RP champs and above"

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