[Updated] Red Post Collection: Foro on improving East Coast NA experience, NA LCS Tickets now available, and more!

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[Update] Added in a few additional comments on latency and server issues by Riot Foro.

This morning's red post collection features a few comments on improving the ping and latency for East Coast NA players, IronStylus with a few comments on a fan made VU/Rework list, Meddler commenting on what items work with Shaco's clone, a note on NA LCS tickets being available for purchase, and more!
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Recent News

Future Improvements for East Coast NA Players

At the moment, the North American servers are located on the West Coast server and this leads to higher ping for players from the East Coast.

When asked if Riot plans to implement some sort of East Coast NA servers, Riot Foro replied:
"Hey guys. 
This is something definitely on our radar, and has been a talking point in our various teams at Riot for quite some time now. 
We're currently working on ways to make matchmaking more intelligent so this can be possible. The last thing we want to do is make NA East and West servers and change things up, so there's a lot of design decisions to take into account. 
In the meantime, we're working at optimising the connectivity from the East Coast to our servers on the West. This stuff does take time - but I promise we're constantly working in ALL of our regions on making it the best experience for everybody. 
tl;dr - Stick tight Summoners! Working on it :)" 
[ Update ] Riot Foro continued:
"It appears my post has made a few waves around Reddit etc and has raised quite a bit of speculation. To summarise: 
- ~100ms to the NA servers from the East Coast is something we can improve. 
- Latency buffs are coming. We're working closely with the major Internet Service Providers (not just in NA, but in all regions) to have you connecting to LoL as optimally as possible. Time moves slow in Internet land as there's a lot of moving parts involved, but the aforementioned works are already underway. 
- Further improvements are being discussed, including the possibility of distributing game servers in other locations than the West Coast. < This scenario would be a huge shakeup - and though we love challenges, we want to make sure that we pick the best solution that is going to improve everyone's experience overall, and get it right the first time. 
Hope this clarifies things!

Foro out." 

Fan Made List of VU/Reworks

Over on reddit, a user has complied a list of quotes and info on the various upcoming visual updates and reworks that Riot has mentioned over the months.

Here's what IronStylus had to say about the list:
"Nice list! Quite comprehensive. Good to know what we've said in the past actually ;) 
We have a big ol' board at work that has our priority preferences for champions in the Relaunch pipeline. It's actually something that would be interesting to share but there'd be issues with that. A lot of what's here is fairly in line with what we're expecting but it changes CONSTANTLY depending on various variables. 
I'd like to make a more comprehensive post on the Relaunch philosophy going forward sometime, maybe in the new year. As of now, we have some really exciting things in the pipe and we're really looking forward to bringing you guys some great content this next year!
Great wrap-up, here's to a new year of new love for old champions! :D"

Shaco's Clone and Item Effects

By request, Meddler has shared a list of item effects that work with Shaco's Hallucinate clone:
"Shaco's clone will work with most item effects, particularly on hit effects, including 
- Thornmail,
- Randuin's Omen
- Black Cleaver
- Statikk Shiv (with its own seperate stack tracking to the one carried by Shaco)
- Hydra's AOE
- Will provide item auras to units other than Shaco (e.g. an Aegis aura to an allied champion) 
It doesn't work with everything however, exceptions including: 
- The cool down on Gunblade (the clone's attacks don't reduce its CD)
- Guardian Angel (the clone will have the visual effect on it suggesting it will resurrect, it won't actually do so however)
- Manamune's stacking (will gain the bonus AD, won't help stack it)
- Muramana's toggle effect (will gain the passive bonus AD, won't gain the bonus damage for consuming mana)
- Won't stack a friendly aura on Shaco (no double Aegis on him/clone from each other's auras, in contrast to what happens if two allied champions have the same aura)
- Sunfire Cape (no longer works on clones in general from memory)"

Will Ezreal ever get a VU?

When asked if Ezreal will ever get a VU, Meddler commented:
"From memory he's on the list for a bit of eventual art work, plenty of other champions that need some visual help first though that we're prioritizing."

NA LCS Tickets on Sale

Good news for NA summoners wanting catch the NA LCS live this season - tickets for the first few weeks are on sale now! The matches will at Riot's studio in Manhattan Beach, CA and tickets are priced at $15 a person per day.

For EU LCS fans, stay tuned for more info on EU ticketing.

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