Red Post Collection: Let's Talk Urgot follow up, Dom/TTL Sight item discussion, One for All back on PBE, and more!

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This morning's red post collection features a follow up on the "Let's Talk Urgot" thread, a few comments on the 3.13 nerfs to sight items on TTL/Dominion, a reminder that One for All is back up on the PBE for testing, and more!
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Follow up on Urgot Feedback Thread

Meddler has posted a follow up to his earlier thread where he requested feedback for Urgot!
"Thanks for all the feedback and thoughts so far folks. Apologies for the lack responses to individual posts, between this thread and its counterparts on other forums there are a lot of posts to get through, so I’ve had to stick to just reading everything so far.

Based off this discussion, and our internal assessment of Urgot, I’ve got an initial plan for approaching changes to Urgot’s gameplay, as below. Please note that this work on Urgot will take a fair bit of time. We’ve got other projects that are currently higher priority (Preseason changes and follow up balancing in particular). As a result it’ll be quite a while before any changes actually get patched out (will update over the course of work though of course, particularly on how this direction is or isn’t panning out).

Urgot’s Core Theme/Fantasy:
  • Main battle tank (the sort with treads/a cannon, not the tank role). A heavy weapons platform that can both take a hit and hit back, hard, at range.
  • Monstrous and filled with hatred. No longer human.
Most Defining Elements of Urgot’s Gameplay:
  • E+Q homing combo.
  • Tanky playstyle and itemization, combined with the ability to deal damage from range. Does not play like an ADC.
  • Weaving of auto attacks and Q.
Biggest Gameplay Problems:
  • Insufficient counterplay on Q/E combo.
  • Lot of invisible power (to be shifted to visible power and/or given better feedback to improve visibility).
  • Unclear niche, resulting in some aspects of kit creating awkward moments of play.
Initial Direction to Explore:
  • Push Urgot into more of a ranged bruiser or tough, front line AD caster role (better thematic fit, more interesting than making him more of a standard AD ranged auto attacker).
  • Find a better way of offering homing Acid Hunters that give both more counterplay options for an enemy and more opportunity for skilled use by the Urgot player, in contrast to the current binary outcome (E+QQQ or nothing, with insufficient options for either player after the initial E shot).
  • Investigate fundamentally different options for passive and ult. Both do offer some good benefits, but also generate a lot of problems, power versus satisfaction (passive) and clash with core of kit (ult much of the time) in particular. Also potentially some missed opportunities r.e. abilities that offer more gameplay and capitalize better on Urgot’s theme.

Feedback on the above, and of course Urgot in general still, much appreciated!"

When asked if there are any plans to mess with Urgot's shield, Meddler replied:
"Will certainly be considering opportunities for the shield, no firm plans yet though, particularly since it's not a primary issue to address."

When asked if Urgot would get a texture or visual update to along with these planned changes, Meddler replied:
"No immediate plans for a visual update or texture update. I expect we'll do one for Urgot at some point, won't be for a while though so taking the opportunity to look at his gameplay separately."

As for Urgot's R being drastically changed, he commented:
"If we do decide to change Urgot's ult significantly (not a certainty at this point) then yes, it, or something very similar, would be a good option for a different champion. It's an interesting ability, there are potentially better options for Urgot specifically however."
Meddler also commented on Urgot falling off hard late game, saying:
"Ah, yeah, that's one other important issue I forgot to mention that we'd like to address - he can fall off hard late game, unless really well fed/farmed, resulting in a feeling of 'Win fast or you're screwed'. Some of that's more an issue of other players expecting him to perform like a standard Markman r.e. power curve, gut reaction is that there might also be some late game scaling issues worth looking into as well though."
As for how preseason will play out for Urgot, he commented:
"Some of the preseason changes will definitely have an affect on Urgot and we'll need to assess that after the changes have been out for a while. The preseason changes will primarily affect power and performance though. Some other issues (like insufficient counterplay and kit cohesion) won't be improved and those are the sort of problems/opportunities that initial work will be focused on."

On Dom / TTL Sight Item Nerfs

Regarding the patch 3.13 nerfs to the various temporary vision items on Twisted Treeline and Dominion, ManWolfAxeBoss commented:
"Lantern is still gold efficient even without the passive/active. It's slightly more expensive, but it was far too cost effective before. The active is definitely harder to use, but like the cost, is now reasonable. There was zero counterplay at 1200 range."
He continued, discussing Hextech Sweeper"
"This thread is regarding lantern. 
But in regards to sweeper, it is less cost effective than lantern. Sweeper is actually a tiny negative premium if you only count stats. It is not the only item in the game like that though. 
800 cast range plus half the 500 unit splash range is 1050. Player can no longer casually cast it without thinking. Yes it is more dangerous and yes players will be caught if they continue to use it like they did in its previous state.

As with all changes, I will continue to monitor both item's health and determine if changes need to be made. That being said, I am happy with the current state of lantern and sweeper, though sweeper cost may be a bit too high."

Counterwarding & Preseason

Following some discussion on the upcoming vision changes, Meddler dropped off a comment on counterwarding now that pink wards are no longer invisible
"Counterwarding with pinks will be more difficult, you do have the option of having other players purchase a pink as well however, not just the support (e.g. jungler grabing one for dragon). The other key thing though is the new Sweeper trinket, which allows you to temporarily reveal nearby stealth wards and kill them (with a CD), making it a good choice for champions jungling or bot lane especially."

One for All Re-enabled on the PBE

Here's Brackhar with a quick note on One for All, an upcoming featured game mode, being re-enabled for testing on the PBE!
"One For All is back on the PBE for the weekend! We've made some bug fixes and changes to the champion select, so please let us know if you run into any issues there!"

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