Red Post Collection: S3 Ending Soon, Context on Sivir Q PBE Changes, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features a reminder on the imminent end of S3, context on the recent PBE changes to Sivir's Q, IronStylus responding to a fan's list of VU criteria, and more!
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Recent News

To keep up with the news flow, here's a link to some other news stories from today!

Season 3 Ends Soon

Victorious Elise, the reward skin for players placing gold or above in S3 ranked play! Click here for a preview.
Here's Magus with a reminder that S3 is coming to an end in the next few days!
"72 hours stand between you and the Season 3 rewards deadline. Will you claim the Victorious Ward skin for making it to Silver tier, or will you push your way to Gold, earning the exclusive Victorious Elise skin? 
When the clock strikes midnight, turning November 11 to November 12, ranked queues will come down and we'll start doling out rewards. You can expect direct reward deposits in your account by the end of next week. Ranked queues will be down for about twelve hours and will come back online for the duration of preseason with some upgrades in tow that we'll be discussing soon. 
Find out more about Season 3 rewards!"

As for the specific time, Triggs commented:
"It would be midnight on the 11th -> 12th in whichever region your server time is"

Context on Sivir PBE Changes

Meddler jumped on the forums earlier to share some context on the changes to Sivir's Boomerang Blade that hit the PBE earlier today, saying:
"Sivir's Q currently scales with bonus AD, the change we're testing at the moment uses total AD instead however, so the reduction in actual damage is much smaller than it appears when just looking at the base ability damage. The goal here is to reduce Sivir's early game power a bit, while giving her similar effectiveness late game and slightly more power in mass AOE situations via the reduced falloff per target hit (AOE damage is one of Sivir's intended strengths)."
He continued:
"Total AD scaling means that Boomerang Blade also benefits from Sivir's built in AD, not just AD she's getting from items/runes/buffs etc. Sivir's base AD ranges from about 50 at level 1 to about 100 at level 18."

% Damage Abilties

When asked if there was a reason why several champions who deal % health damage lean towards the 8% mark, Meddler commented:
"Determining appropriate numbers for % health damage abilities is the same as determining other gameplay numbers - some initial calculations on paper, with reference to other in game effects if appropriate, followed by a whole bunch of testing. We did try various other values on Zed for example during testing before eventually settling on 6/8/10% of target's max health (and before that various other passives)."

What decides who gets a VU?

In response to someone guessing at what a list of VU criteria might contain, IronStylus broke down a few things that go into the decision of which champ gets a VU
"I'll see if I can break this down: 
who needs it the most 
This is slightly arbitrary. "Most" can constitue a wide range of things. Current visual fidelity of the champ, gameplay balance, thematic strength, etc. So, in an ideal world, if everything were equal, we'd go by who needs it "most", but often we're taking a lot more into consideration than you might think. 
who's the easiest of those that need it 
This sort of fits into the opportunity category. Maybe we have a piece of content, or a lump of content, which will enable the production of a new relaunch. Fun fact, one of the reasons we were able to hop onto the Nasus VU as quick as we did was because of the new rig for his legendary skin. Legendary skins pretty much constitute new champions in terms of production, so we were able to do a lot just from that skin being in the pipeline.

who is the most popular champ 
This doesn't really factor into it. Popular or not, we want to give the champions who need it, the love they deserve. 
is there a kit rework to time this with 
This again falls into opportunity. Going forward we want to try to time VU's and kit reworks more tightly. It makes sense that if one major aspect of a champion is going to get tweaked, the other aspects should be also if they're outdated. 
do we need this to make new skins to sell, if so do we have a pressing new skin idea to justify this 
Often, as I've said before, the state of certain champions is preventing us from making further skins, or at least skins to the level which we'd like to make them. The scenario of "OMG we need to make this skin, let's prioritize a VU!" however hasn't actually happened.

do we have a particularly good rework idea 
Sometimes an artist or a designer or a writer might have an awesome idea. A number of artists at Riot do thier own brand of fan art of thier favorite champions. If it's awesome, and there's momentum, we sometimes can put that champion's VU into production or at least use that concept for a backlogged VU. 
when are the right people we need for this going to be available 
I'm guessing this means resource allocation. If you want to tie it in with scope, though Relaunch has a dedicated team across all disciplines, we might have to wait or time something differently if say we don't have resources from that particular discipline. Such as, "X VU will take Y amount of VFX resources, which is not feasible since Z is in the pipeline currently." 
can this VU nerf Irelia or Soraka in any way? If so it goes first.

Naturally :P"

Ahri Bug Fixed... again.

ForHere's Chager with a few comments on a previously fixed Ahri bug that popped back up this morning:
"Hi all, 
Thanks for the quick reporting of this. We were doing some game server maintenance earlier this morning and a small number of our game servers were updated to the previous version where the Ahri and gem bug. We've identified and fixed these servers to be on the current code version.

Please let us know if you see these issues again, but we believe we've resolved the issue. 

High Latency Problems on NA

Here's Riot Triggs with a heads up on the high latency issues some players are experiencing on the NA server.
We are looking into reports that some players may be experiencing higher than normal latency on certain providers. We will update this thread with more information as we get it. 
11/8/2013 - 5:56 PM PST: We've added a script that we need players who are experiencing the lag to run. This will assist us in triage. Please post your results in this thread.

11/8/2013 - 6:49 PST: Please include which ISP you have."

Check out the post to download a diagnostic tool to help the NA techs out and to leave any feedback. A few other summoner's were reporting this as a Verizon ISP issue, if that helps.

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