Patch 3.14: Nasus Visual Update & Infernal Nasus

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Patch 3.14 brings with it a visual update for Nasus and a brand new, legendary Infernal Nasus skin! As with other VUs, Nasus and all of his skins have received a fresh coat of paint, new animations, new spells effects, a new VO, and more!
Continue reading to fetch a better look at the new and improved Nasus, Curator of the Sands! and the new Infernal Nasus skin!

Nasus Visual Update


1350 IP or 585 RP
 Nasus also has two NEW unique taunts for Renekton! Check 'em out:

" Rage burned away all that was good in you, my brother."
" Renekton was lost, long ago. You are but his pale shadow."

As with any other VU, all of Nasus's skins have also been updated.

Pharaoh Nasus

520 RP

Riot K-9 Nasus

Not available, given out by Rioters are various live events

Galactic Nasus

520 RP

Dreadknight Nasus

975 RP

Infernal Nasus

Marching alongside his visual update is his new, hellish "Infernal Nasus" skin! Infernal Nasus is a legendary tier skin and features unique particles, voiceover, animations emotes, and more!

Infernal Nasus

1820 RP

Riot's official release post describes it as:
"From a dark, twisted vision of the world, Infernal Nasus howls with feral power. Siphoning Strike echoes with a malevolent glow upon his halberd, while Wither summons shadows to clutch and grasp his quarry. When he calls forth Spirit Fire the ground blazes with black flame. With his prey already cowering, his rage ignites the Fury of the Sands. Infernal Nasus towers over his foe, three maws spouting fire. His passing leaves nothing but dust."
It  also has a scroll in the background that reads:
"It happened again, old friend. I dreamt of another world, fill with light, hope, and people - us - flourishing under the sun. The Tyrant guided our path, instead of forcing us to it. The Hound advisted instead of slaughtered. I dream of that place , but I wake up to the sound of drums." 
"He marches towards us. I fear the judgment will be swift and the verdict (grave?). You may not hear from me again - my son carries this letter in the hope you can take him in. I would not ask this - that you take on another with your larder already bare - but that dream." 
"I've seen the Hound before, < dunno > cold caress of shade <dunno>. Seen his wrath when enraged. See the smoldering ashes where those who squandered their gifts once lived. I may not survive. But I would have my son see and remember. And perhaps - by the might of the Ascended - I would have him dream"

Infernal Nasus also has two special taunts for Renekton that differ from the special taunts on his other skins:
  • "I will show you the meaning of butchery, brother."
  • "You have wasted your power, Renekton. Now bleed for it."

Infernal Nasus will also burst onto the server with his own login screen!

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