Overview of S3 Ranked Rewards

Posted on at 4:29 PM by Moobeat
Season 3 is coming to a close and the various ranked rewards will soon be handed out to players who participated in the ranked queues this season!
Continue reading for a better look at the S3 summoner icons, profile banner trim, loading screen borders, invitation badges, the Victorious Ward skin, and the coveted Victorious Elise skin!

Here's a list of the rewards, organized by tier - Bronze is the lowest tier and Challenger is the highest tier.


Bronze S3 Summoner Icon


Silver S3 Summoner Icon

Silver Profile Banner Trim

Silver Loading Screen Border

All Silver and above Summoners will earn a permanent Victorious Ward skin.


Gold S3 Summoner Icon
Gold Profile Banner Trim
Gold Loading Screen Border

All Gold and above Summoners will earn the limited Victorious Elise skin!

Victorious Elise
Auto attack

All Gold and above summoners will also receive a " personalized invitation badge " which displays their appropriate ranked icon when they invite other plays to a game.


Platinum S3 Summoner Icon
Platinum Profile Banner Trim
Platinum Loading Screen Border


Diamond S3 Summoner Icon
Diamond Profile Banner Trim

Diamond Loading Screen Border


Challenger S3 Summoner Icon
Challenger Profile Banner Trim
Challenger Loading Screen Border

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