New November Flex Bundles 11/19 - 11/26

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Four new November flexible cost champion and skin bundles are now available for purchase! Between November 19th and November 26th, you'll be able to pick up "The Bear Essentials",  "Masters of Malpractice", "Biker Boys", and "Carry your carry" bundles!
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Here's Wizardcrab with details on these new bundles:
"Craving something new at champ select? Get fed on these limited time bundles. They're flexible in cost, meaning the final bundle price will automatically adjust to reflect only what's new to your collection.

The Bear Essentials bundle – 40% off at 2565 RP (4242 RP if champs needed) 
Get out of any grizzly situation with the bear necessities. 
  • Runeguard Volibear and Volibear
  • Bear Cavalry Sejuani and Sejuani
  • Panda Annie and Annie
  • Panda Teemo and Teemo

Masters of Malpractice bundle – 30% off at 2047 RP (3769 RP if champs needed) 
Does anybody remember where this squishy bit goes? 
  • Surgeon Shen and Shen
  • Kennen M.D. and Kennen
  • Nurse Akali and Akali

Biker Boys bundle – 50% off at 1982 RP (3945 RP if champs needed) 
The baddest bikers in Runeterra roam the streets looking for trouble. You thought Mundo could go where he pleases? 
  • Vandal Jax and Jax
  • Vandal Twitch and Twitch
  • Vandal Brand and Brand
  • Vandal Vladimir and Vladimir
  • Vandal Gragas and Gragas

Carry your carry bundle – 25% off at 3585 RP 
Supports are taking over in 2014! Carry your Marksman with this bundle. 
  • Thresh
  • Zyra
  • Nami
  • Lulu
  • Leona
The jokes may be unbearable but these skins aren’t! They'll be on sale in the store fromNovember 19th to November 26th."

If you are having some trouble deciding which bundles you want to pick up, here's a couple links to Skin Spotlights videos to help you decide!
The Bear Essentials bundle
Masters of Malpractice bundle
Biker Boys bundle

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