Weekend Recap: Dunk Master Darius Concept Preview, Jinx AMA & More

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Since a bunch of the S@20 staff have been busy attending Worlds over the weekend, a few news bits have slipped under  the radar in their absence! Don't fret though,  I've prepared a nice weekend recap for you!

Continue reading to get caught up on a few things, including a video showing off the creation process for Dunkmaster Darius, a heads up that the shop undo feature is currently disabled, a round up of the Jinx AMA from earlier this week, and more!

Jinx W Particle "Change" on PBE

To start things off, a very small PBE patch was deployed on October 5th featuring some weird, minor particle changes on Jinx's Zap! (W). Two horizontal lines now pop up and collapse on each other when she fires her W. This is ntended to go along the normal, straight trail for Jinx's W and it showing up horizontal is just a bug.

Dunkmaster Darius Creation Process Preview

Redditor /u/DaniSerb , an attendee of the EB Games Expo in Sydney, has recorded a preview of the creation process behind Dunkmaster Darius presented by a Rioter at the event. As you may recall, we've seen this skin before!

Ymir also mentioned the video on the forums, revealing it was none other than CaptainLx showing off the upcoming skin!
"Hey guys, 
While recorded on a phone, this is badass and I thought you guys might enjoy watching it. 
CaptainLx is a guy who has really been a major part of making the in game animations amazing for years now, if you were at Gamescom you may have seen the Dunkmaster Darius splash worked on and here he runs through how the animations were added to that original concept. 
It's very cool, interesting and makes me want to play Darius right now (while dribbling a ball irl).

Thanks to this Reddit thread for putting it in front of me."

Shop Undo Disabled

Due to a bug, the Shop's undo function has been disabled. Here's the Riot NOC announcement:

We have temporarily disabled the 'undo item' feature in the in-game store due to a bug with item purchasing/undo. We're working on a fix for this now but want to make sure we properly test the fix prior to implementing it live and turning the 'undo item' feature back on."

Jinx AMA Recap

Earlier in the week, several Rioters hopped on reddit to answer summoner questions about our upcoming champion, Jinx!

The following Rioters participated in this AMA:

  • RiotGypsy - August Browning, Champion Designer
  • RiotTeaTime - Katie De Sousa, Artist
  • RiotRansom - Robert Lo, Writer
  • RiotYoung - YongIk Chung, Animator
  • RiotSolCrushed - Sol Kim, Live Designer


  • Is Vi her sister or not? If they are siblings, is Vi aware of that fact?
  • Is Fishbones Mrs or Mr rocket launcher?
  • What experiences from Jinx life made her so crazy?
  • Where did you get idea for Jinx weapons?

A:"Not sure why this is such a hot topic. Vi and Jinx don’t behave like siblings at all! I mean, they’re always bickering and making fun of each other, and that’s not very sisterly, right? Actually, wait a minute… Perhaps this topic DOES merit some further consideration. So here’s what we know: Vi claims in Jinx’s teaser that she has no idea who Jinx is or where she came from. So if these two are related, Vi clearly hasn’t gotten the memo yet. Which is interesting, and there’s also the fact that we don’t know a whole lot about Vi’s past as a street urchin. So who knows? Seems like there are a lot of interesting story paths this rivalry could go down. I can’t wait to see how it will play out!Fishbones is definitely a Mr!As I said earlier, Jinx's past is an extremely mysterious one. The citizens of Piltover have deduced that she's spent a lot of time in Zaun, which is certainly not the sanest city-state in Runeterra.I'll let RiotGypsy or RiotTeaTime talk about the origin of her weapons!"RiotRansom
A: "We wanted Jinx to have an ARSENAL of weapons (her code name was actually Psycho Arsenal)!! We visually explored tons of ideas including hextech SMGs, tazer crossbows, flamethrowers, in the end we settled on Rocket Launcher, Minigun, Tazer pistol and grenaaaaades!! Those weapons are really easy to read and understand what you're probably going to do (like minigun will attack fast and rocket launcher will do mega splash dmg)." RiotTeaTime

A:"From a design standpoint it was a desire for new and unique weapons that we hadn't done before with strong silhouettes in regards to in-game readability. We knew from day one that she'd be a form swapper and we wanted to make sure the different guns were as readable as possible. Both guns are huge heavy weapons that contrast with her skinny form. The rocket launcher is carried high and on her shoulder while the minigun is carried low and on her hip. " - RiotGypsy

Q: Why was Jinx at the pool party? Did she invite herself? Is she a like-able character to other champions in the league? (obviously not Vi or Caitlyn)
A: "It's pretty clear to everyone that Jinx loves to have fun, and is the life of every party. Of course she'd show up, and I'd like to think Ziggs invited her, as they have a lot in common. In fact, you guys may have noticed that her original model had quite a bit of tan. That's because she was at the pool party! ;) I think whether a champion likes Jinx depends on who that champion is - Zaunites in particular are more likely to get along with her. Piltover gang - not so much." - RiotRansom

Q:Will we get more lore on Mr. Fishbones?

A:"Poor Fishbones. All he wants is a normal life in the suburbs and some kids and a dog. But Jinx just won't settle down! This doesn't quite answer your question, but I will say that as a writer, I feel that Fishbones represents Jinx's subconscious preoccupations and desires - her hidden, repressed self. She may be a crazy party girl outwardly, but she has some latent desire for normalcy on some level, which I think is fascinating.I'll also drop a making-of story here. Fishbones is a classic story of Riot teamwork. RiotTeaTime gave the launcher his name. Then one of Jinx’s animators had the brilliant idea of having her perform a ventriloquism act with Fishbones, and asked me to write some lines for it. RiotGypsy asked whether it would be funny if the rocket launcher had a completely normal, law-abiding, and boring personality. So I remembered this ancient claymation show that used to air on TV called Davey and Goliath, about a boy who would get into trouble and get moral lectures from his sermonizing dog. Fishbone’s voice and personality is a pretty blatant parody of Goliath, and Jinx’s actress had a blast doing that voice." - RiotRansom

  • What does Jinx Think of yordles?
  • Does Pow-Pow have a personality like Fishbones or is it different?
  • Is she actually from Zaun?
  • Is blue her natural hair color?
A:"Yordles... She likes them, for the most part, especially Ziggs. They're entertaining and she likes being entertained.Pow Pow's personality would probably be similar to eeyore from winnie-the-poo. "Yeah I can shoot sorta fast... that's pretty cool... i guess"Her hair was not the color she was born with, but it's definitely permanent now. Same with her eyes." - RiotTeaTime

Q:  What was your favorite thing of creating her?

Why was the passive named "Get Excited" ?

Thank you for creating what is most likely the best character in the whole game. In any game in fact.

EDIT: Oh and hey, TeaTime.. Is there any chance we'll see you create a profile wallpaper of Jinx like IronStylus did with Diana?
A:"Too many things to choose from, but I would have to say that I loved, loved, LOVED working on her VO script with the rest of the writing team. Those were some of the most hilarious meetings of all time. So many people pitching funny jokes!The story behind "get excited": An acquaintance of mine used to leave messages on people’s phones, and end them with the saying, “The name’s so-and-so. Get excited.” I always thought this was hilarious, and would say it all the time to my coworkers at Riot, much to their chagrin. Which meant that they would never allow the saying to make it into Jinx’s script (I wanted it for her champion select line), and I quickly gave up on trying to sneak it in. Then when it came time to name Jinx’s abilities, I couldn’t come up with a name for the passive, and RiotGypsy asked, “Why don’t you just call it ‘Get Excited!’”? When opportunity knocks, you have to answer.Thank you so much for appreciating our work. It's the best thing about this job!"-RiotRansom

  • "YES, I have some of unreleased Jinx studies that I can absolutely share in wallpaper format!! I'll pop those on my twitter and on the forums later this week :)" - RiotTeaTime

Q: How old is she?

A:"Jinx is approximately - to use a reference you guys all know - Vi’s age. Maybe a little bit older, despite acting and looking significantly younger. She's a youthful, fun-loving personality, and I think she'll always be that no matter how old she gets. I can't even imagine grown-up Jinx." - RiotRansom

Q: What's her favourite food?

A:"She loves sweets but she forgets to eat sometimes." - RiotGypsy

Q: This has been buried so far down you probably won't see it but...
I am extremely curious as to how you allowed Jinx to hack into the League of Legends website and put all of that graffiti up on Vi's page? And more importantly, she was good enough that is took you guys quite some time to fix it.
Would you say that Riot has finally been bested? By a champion that is part of the League nonetheless

A:"That's the thing about Jinx. You can never predict what she's going to do next! And when she does it, it takes a long time to clean up the mess. We knew she was going to be trouble from day one." - RiotRansom

Q: Jinx apparently has a sister that's crazier than her. Is she the person who has tattoos on her left arm?

A:"Nope, that's Jinx. In promotional art we don't pay a mind to what goes on what side of the character because promo art pieces get mirrored a LOT, so it's futile effort to design a composition with the appropriate placement of tattoos and weapons only to have it flipped for use on the website, or print, or whatever other promo thing it's used for. That's why in splashes you see champions with weapons in the left hand when in game they are right handed, etc." - RiotTeaTime


Q: How did you guys decide on Mafia Jinx being her launch skin and what were some other concepts for skins that were thrown around?
Also, what led to Mafia Jinx looking so different from all the other mafia skins?
Aaaaand finally, why the hell does hurricane and fishbones work together? Tiamats explicitly has an internal timer that prevents it from procing on multiple targets at the same time but jinx can do essentially the same thing?

A:"Hey! So Mafia Jinx is dressed as a flapper from the 1920s. Flappers were basically the fun-loving party girls of their time. Now who does that sound like? :) So it was a natural fit, as flappers were also known to hang out with mobsters back in the day." - RiotRansom

Q: Who's the genius that came out with this dance idea?

A:"It's from RiotTeaTime's idea originally, and there're couple devs also suggested the adventure time dance. We really liked the idea, and it was successful matching with her characteristics." - RiotYoung

Q: What inspired you for the Chaotic Neutral trait?

A:"So all the hardcore D&D players totally called me out here for not understanding the strict definition of chaotic neutral, and I deserve it. My understanding of alignment is not quite as nuanced as your typical dungeon master’s! When we were working on Jinx, we repeatedly described her as chaotic neutral in order to convey the fact to our team that she’s not an overtly malicious murder machine in her every waking moment. Not the Joker, in other words. If she were walking past a stranger in a dark alley, she wouldn’t automatically stab that person and take their money. But if she were walking past a stranger in a dark alley near a PILE OF FIREWORKS, she would totally blow up the fireworks and unintentionally light the stranger on fire because fireworks are freakin’ fun. That’s her attitude. She’s not a classical villain archetype, but more of a trickster archetype who loves chaos." - RiotRansom

Q: Hello Rioters!
Would you say that inspiration for Jinx comes from Tank Girl or Harley Quinn? Every time I visit this sub, I see about 90% of people claim it's supposed to be like Harley Quinn/Shaco.
Thanks for the AMA!

A:"Jinx has a ton of pop culture inspirations, including some of the ones people are naming over and over again. The truth is, we as a team are inspired by a ton of stuff from a million sources: movies, books, tv shows, personal experiences, people we know in real life. It's a giant stew of stuff that we refine over and over again to create champions.But to answer your question, there's no ONE SINGLE INSPIRATION. That wouldn't be very original of us, and besides, a champion is such a complex creation that having a single inspiration doesn't really work." - RiotRansom

A:"My inspiration for personality is actually more the Joker, not Harley. You can see more about that in an answer already in this thread :D" - RiotTeaTime

Q: Yo riot few questions over here
1 - Dont you feel like mini gun range is to short? i dont feel like the attack speed buff is worth such a short range in teamfights unless i know im super feed and i will win trades
2 - Why Mafia jinx has short hair? i dont like it T_T
3 - Why 0% tits in jinx splash? i know is a teenager but even teenager has some boobs
4- Why did jinx attack chogath page in LAS servers? (and why LAS servers)

  1. "The short range is intentional. Minigun attack speed is absurd (and always on) but is gated by the immense amount of danger you have to put yourself in to take advantage of it. Additionally, minigun having a short range allows for better differentiation between it and the rocket launcher. Rockets are for long range kiting and AoE poke. If you want to do a ton of single target DPS minigun outperforms rockets but you have to give up all your range to use it.
  1. Mafia Jinx is intended to be a flapper. Flappers had short hair. Long hair just wouldn't have made sense for what we were trying to do with the skin.
  1. She's older than you think ;) She's flat chested because that's her body type, she's an ectomorph (Long and Skinny). Probably doesn't help that she forgets to eat sometimes..." -RiotGypsy


Q: New Year Jinx with fireworks and stuff?

A:"erhmahgerdd.. such a good idea!!!!" - RiotTeaTime

What is Jinx's opinion on Poros?

A:"She thinks they're adorable." - RiotGypsy
A:"especially when set on fire" - RiotTeaTime

    Q: If Jinx had a tight budget, what wouldn't she stop spending things on?

    A:"probably skittles. yep. and guns. skittles and guns." - RiotTeaTime

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