This Week in eSports 10/14 - 10/20

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Another week has passed and we have a new batch of eSports updates for you guys!
Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Continue reading for the latest on roster changes, upcoming off season events, and MORE!


  • [NA] The North American Challenger League (otherwise known as Salty league) continues for week 3 of their 8 week challenger season with a $35,000 prize pool. A list of participating teams can be found on the Leaguepedia page. Be sure to check out/follow the stream Monday-Thursday for matches!

  •  [NA/EU] The Season 4 Promotion Qualifier is underway for both NA and EU LCS. 16 North American teams will be competing for two Season 4 NA LCS Promotion seeds. More information for NA can be found on Leaguepedia. 8 EUW Teams and 8 EUNE teams will be competing for two Season 4 EU LCS Promotion seeds. More information for EU can be found via the Leaguepedia page. For  be sure to check out Riot's announcement, NA preview, and EU preview.  

  • [NA/EU] It was announced that CLG and Cloud9 will be the teams representing North America at IEM Cologne. Full list of sources and EU voting info can be found in this reddit post.

  • [KR] The OGN Winter offline qualifiers begin on the 21st-25th. Stream link can be found here. Brackets can be found here.

  • [SEA] Garena announced their format for GPL 2014. The format is similar to OGN and begins October 30th. As an added bonus the announcement is completely in picture format

  • [SEA] In an interview with Luan (one of the Garena casters) it was revealed that every team will have to re-qualify for EACH season of GPL. Full interview can be found here

  • [All] Riot Udyr confirmed that SK Telecom T1 would indeed be receiving skins based off the winning team composition from Season 3 World Finals. No time frame was given. Source - twitter.

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [NA] Vulcun Techbargains announced their new team name - XDG Gaming. XDG stands for "Ex Duris Gloria" in latin which translates to "From suffering ariseth glory." The full reddit post can be found here.

  • [NA] XDG's Sycho Sid has chosen to go by the name "Benny" from now on. Source - twitter.

  • [NA] Quas announced that he was leaving ggLA. The full announcement can be found in this reddit comment

  • [NA] TSM announced their new substitute - Ninjaken. The full announcement can be found on TSM's twitter

  • [NA] In a completely shocking move, Curse announced a few roster changes! Cop will be moving from Team LoLPro to the marksman role for the main team and Quas will be joining them in top lane while Voyboy moves to mid. Demunlul will be joining LoLPro as marksman.

  • [EU] Forg1ven and Amazing joined Copenhagen Wolves and Shook left the team. The full announcement can be found over here.

  • [KR] Cloudtemplar (jungler for CJ Frost) announced his retirement citing that "I felt I reached my limits." The full interview can be found fully translated on Team Liquid

  • [KR] Xenics Storm announced their new lineup which includes GimGoon, Swift, Coco, Arrow, and Piccaboo. The full article can be found (untranslated) here

  • [KR] Xenics Blast announced their full roster which includes Ripper, Pinch, ManyReason, Ohq, and Boink. The full article can be found (untranslated) here

  • [SEA] Gamania Bears announced that they would be officially disbanding due to age restrictions (17+ for any official tournament) imposed by Riot. The official Facebook announcement can be found here


  • [All] HBO Sports will be running a segment on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel about League of Legends and eSports in general. They produced a teaser clip that can be found here. The full segment will run October 22nd at 10:00 PM EDT on HBO. Be sure to check it out!

  • [Cake] In celebration of their victory in the Season 3 World Finals, SK Telecom T1 had these amazing cakes made - Picture 1 and Picture 2.

As always, feel free to leave any eSports questions you may have for me in the comments below! 

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