[ Updated ] Sultan Gangplank announcement!

Posted on at 11:23 AM by Moobeat
The Turkish League of Legends website has published a preview for an upcoming Sultan Gangplank skin!

Here's a fan translation of the TR article:
"For the Turkey server's first year anniversary, the Barbaros Gangplang ( sultan gangplank) skin which was inspired from the legendary captain of the sea wars is coming
Valoran's Satan of Ocean, who conquered the Mediterranean coast to coast, sailing to The Fields of Justice as The Grand Admiral. A wind blowing from the bow, the smell of gunpowder in the air and the sounds of gunfire ringing in the Navy at the beginning of the road under the sky, red-bearded merciless waves maritime legend, taking its rightful place among legends. 
Gangplank Barbaros costume with private and on behalf of its own lines for the Turkey Server will be released very soon to the seven seas. Are you wondering who voiced Barbarossa? Please continue to follow the developments on this particular costume."

Update: Here's the NA/English announcement, titled "Sultan Gangplank offers no parley!":
"Make way for Sultan Gangplank! Bilgewater's resident scalawag is cleaning up his look and transforming from pirate scum to high-class lord. Don't think this regalia makes Gangplank some benevolent aristocrat though. One rival already made that mistake and diplomatic negotiations didn't end well. Now Gangplank has a fancy new scimitar to show off. The Saltwater Scourge's new model and recall animation underscore his accoutrements."

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