Red Post Collection: Update on EU server problems, Jinx AMA tomorrow, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features an update on the recent server problems plaguing EUW, a reminder that Xerath's updated kit is still scheduled to start testing on the 3.13 PBE, a note on Jinx's upcoming reddit AMA, a reminder on how S3 rewards are going to be distributed, a look at Jinx's latest batch of tomfoolery on the Latin America LoL site, and a compendium of Map Specific Balance changes for Twisted Treeline and Dominion.
Continue reading for the full scoop, straight from the official forums!

Update on EUW Server probs Sept 29th, Oct 1st, and Oct 2nd

First, Riot tmx posted this thread on the EUW forums regarding issues on September 29th.
"Hello Summoners,

This past weekend we had an incident in the EUW service and want to share some details about it and what we learned from it. 
We’re sorry – we believe that you deserve the highest quality service and Riot is dedicated to doing better by European players. 
What Happened
On September 29th, we experienced unexpected network traffic on our internal servers that was creating abnormally high load on our data caching layer. From your perspective, this may have looked like getting kicked out of the client, sitting in a long login queues, or general slowness in the client navigating between screens. We attempted to lighten this abnormal load by throttling players as they logged onto the service. This inevitably increases the login queue size and in this situation actually exacerbated the issue. At this time, we made the call to restart the service more rapidly return to a stable game experience. 
Unfortunately, the restart took longer than planned and we did not properly message you on what was happening as it happened. 
What we need to do better   
  • Communication: It’s crucial that we do a better job communicating with you during an outage. In this case, we didn’t provide regular updates and that was an oversight. - We’re committed to regular updates on the service status thread (and @lolstatus on Twitter) until issues are resolved.
  • We also understand that the community craves better communication and community support in general, not just surrounding service issues. We’re committed to this, and we currently have 20 open positions on the community team in Dublin:
Hopefully this gives everyone a bit of clarity on the issue we had this weekend, and how we’re working to improve the quality of the live service."

Chager also posted this thread regarding problems from October 1st and 2nd:
"Hello Summoners, 
Yesterday and today we experienced service disrupting events, and I want to shed some light on what happened and how we're working to make it better. 
With the 3.12 release, there were new chat changes that rearranges your friends list groups. During times where a lot of players are on the service, it's causing high load on the chat databases. To you this will look like issues with chat; friends list not showing up, chat not functioning in champ select, etc).

We've disabled ranked during these times of heavy load because chat is an important part of ranked play, and not being able to chat in champ select for strategy can cause a lot of player pain. On the back end, we've been adjusting a couple of values to reduce the load on chat while still keeping it enabled, and have a permanent fix we're working on now. 

As for when ranked will return, he noted:
"Once we got the chat database load under control and in a closely monitored state, we turned ranked play back on."
"The chat hotfix (and several other issues that we're fixing) are currently in final testing. The plan is to get them out today off peak, unless any red flags halt it."

Xerath Still Slated for 3.13 PBE Testing

In a thread asking where the upcoming Xerath changes are, Xelnath noted that the PBE has yet to be updated for 3.13 and the current PBE build that includes Jinx is still considered a 3.12 build.
"We're still waiting for the 3.13 PBE. The Jinx being tested on PBE is still a 3.12 build."
For those curious or out of the loop on these changes, Xelnath summed them up nicely ( in an earlier post ) as:
"Q - charges to increase range
W - aoe slow that does bonus damage in the center
E - line nuke that explodes and stuns when hits a champion
R - locus of power + his old ult, with extra range and more spread out damage."

Upcoming Jinx AMA

Morello has posted up a notice that several Rioters will be particpating in an "Ask Me Anything" about Jinx!
"Jinx, the Loose Cannon, begins her latest crime spree in an upcoming patch. A few of the Rioters responsible for her particular brand of fun are hosting a reddit AMA this October 3rd at 11 AM PDT. Now’s your chance to extinguish your burning questions with buckets of bright pink paint. 
Learn more about Jinx’s gameplay and special brand of mayhem by reading these features:

Keep a look out for the thread and be sure to get your questions posted! As usual, we'll have an AMA roundup available sometime after the AMA finishes :)

Reminder on End of Season 3 Rewards

As it's been coming up a lot , here's Riot Peaches with a reminder on what qualifies player's the end of Season 3 rewards - top tier you are at the end of season NOT the highest tier that you reached during the season.
"The FAQ on season rewards says the following:

Unfortunately, no. We will be giving out rewards based on the tier you are in at the end of the season, not the highest tier you've reached within the season.
I hope this clears things up for you!"
Check out this post for more info on the S3 rewards.

Jinx Strikes Again!

Jinx seems to have messed with another page - this time defacing a scholarly article on from Gentleman Cho'Gath!
The sabotaged article comes from the LAS/LAN League of Legends home page and is originally in Spanish. Here's a rough translation courtesy of redditor Lumaral:
"The terms here refered are tasted by my cultured (and slimey) tongue over and over again, as a sweet snack, with real linguistic passion. The writer, tastes the words with pleasure (and drool), biting them with the teeth (big ones, all red and crooked), to soften them with finesse and discretion until, harmoniously, every word bleeds (my eyes, my eyes!) and so I can get conculsions (silly and senseless), which if everyone approves or not is subject to a treaty (have you tried to shut that big mouth, Mr. Bug?) that my leisure doesn't let me write, because the bone of literary hedonism (that hurts!) lies in the flavour (of destruction with cookies) of all the things and not in their way through the digestive tract (of the most chaotic chaos). Of cours, that is just my humble (and boooring) opinion. However, in this 3rd post, (blah blah blah), I invite the reader to think of the word... 
I bEtteR taLk mYseLf! My fAvourite woRd is cHaos (desorden in spanish, here she plays with the words: des-orden = no order), because iT mEanS to kiLL OrDer. BADUMTSH! And then YoU Take ouT youR MiSSiLe L4uNcheR and BOOM! YoU hAve the Best "LauNch" partY Ever xD. NoT liKe my SisteR's LaUncH PartY wHich... By tHe wAy... HavE You SeeN Her h4iR? As BoRinG as thE fAce of the HaTlaDy, Which mAkEs me RemEmber tHat The oTher Day I wAs TalKing To Fishbones whiLe I wAs FarmiNg in The Bot Lane aNd it Told Me: "I don't approve your plans of making fun of that Gentleman Cho'Gath", tO WhicH I AnsWer: "YoU ArE Boo0o0ooRinGG!", anD TheN thE Oficial arrIved anD I TolD her... We.LL... I Don'T remEmbeR wHat i TolD heR!, HahAha, bUT She DiD LooK at Me With thAt BorinG fAce She Has. Look: ._. HAHAHAHA. It's just LiKe Hers, riGHt? WeLL, tHen tHe fool With thAt Huge hAmm3r aPPearEd aNd... oops! I bEttEr lEave BecAusE Mr. BuG JuSt W4rD3d ThiS Part oF tHe wEb aNd RealIzed ThaT I gOt iNt0 hIs pAge, So I bEtter KiTe hiM Away FrOm heRe bEcause He's SomEwhAt FeD AftEr thAt Gank in Top xD. FilThY KissEs 4 EveryOne aNd sEE yOu s00n! 

Gentleman Cho'GathSuPeRBuG FearfAce Ch0'Bl4aaaah is the author of: Psychology of the
barbarian soulnEEEEdLesSly LarGe wEap0n "FiSHb0nEs". 2013."
If you read closely, you'll notice she mentions her mysterious sister again ;)

Compendium of Map Specific Balance Changes

ManWolfAxeBoss has kind created two sticky threads on the Dominion and Twisted Treeline forums to serve as reference for all exsisting map specific balance changes for those modes.

Check them out:

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