Nasus visual update: old dog, new stick

Posted on at 5:08 PM by Moobeat
Good news everyone - Nasus getting a visual update!
Here's Ququroon with more info:
"Nasus is shaking off years of rough abrasion from the sands and returning to the battlefield with a complete visual update. Armored with refined plate and a higher fidelity look for his signature halberd, Nasus's new model reflects his unbounded intellect and immense power. 
Beyond the new model, all of Nasus's abilities, animations and particles have been updated. His ultimate, Fury of the Sands, summons the ferocity of the desert tempest, and Spirit Fire burns with arcane etching upon the ground. Along with his model and visual changes, the Curator of the Sand's sound effects and voiceover have been updated and expanded, exposing more of the vast archive in Nasus's mind."
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In response to community concern about changing the voice over for Nasus, Ququroon commented:
"Sadly, as you mentioned Nasus’ original voice actor passed away some time ago. 
We definitely hear the sentiment you voiced, and we’ve been very conscious of the community’s love (as well as our own) for Nasus’ original voiceover while working on his update.

The number of lines included in new champion voiceover has expanded significantly (from 16 to around 45 in Nasus’ case) since Nasus originally made his debut, but during the process of updating Nasus we’ve done everything possible to preserve the spirit of the original voiceover."

IronStylus also commented on this over on reddit, saying:
"Sensitive subject, I realize. Nasus' original voice actor was extremely talented, and those talents really brought this character to life. We feel that the life of this character must be preserved in a way that respects the spirit and tone of the old VO but also gives us the opportunity to deliver more lines, story and personality. We would be unable to give Nasus more life if we constrained ourselves. 
We love his original VO, and Nasus' original voice actor will be missed. We hope we've created a fitting and appropriate evolution for Nasus which will preserve his personality and allow it to expand. 
We think preserving this tone is a fine tribute to an actor who really made Nasus into a beloved character."

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