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Riot has released an AWESOME music video with Jinx's login music! Are you ready to Get Jinxed?

"While Jinx finishes loading Pow-Pow and Fishbones for her debut on the battlefield, we wanted to share one more glimpse into her chaotic personality. 
For Jinx, the fun doesn't end just because she's sleeping. Featuring hexplosive sequences packed with bombs and bullets and her unique take on fun, League of LegendsMusic: Get Jinxed frees the Loose Cannon to serve up wild hijinks without those pesky Piltover laws getting in the way. 
Whether through cinematics, motion comics, log-in screens or music, we're continuing to explore new ways to deliver champion stories. Showcasing a new song inspired by a hedonistic supercriminal and her vivid imagination running wild? Time for a music video. 
As always, we can't wait to hear what you think of the new song and video. Let us know, and we'll join you, Jinx, Fishbones and Pow-Pow on the battlefield in an upcoming patch!"
You can find the lyrics and a download link for GET JINXED by visiting the League of Legends soundcloud!

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Praeco spoke up about the video on reddit, saying:
"Hey peeps, 
Glad you like it. :) 
The official link for the video is here: 

Maybe the original poster can edit his link. We're also uploading the song on our soundcloud: 
The singer indeed is Agnete from the band Djerv, we flew her out from Norway and recorded here in Los Angeles after we were done with the instrumental, I had actually heard her play at a festival in 2006 or so, and when I thought about what to do for Jinx, for some reason her voice popped up in my head. :)"

RiotRansom also added:
"Hey guys, I'm so glad this thing is finally out so we can talk about how awesome it is! Praeco and the gang who worked on this video - an epic undertaking - did an incredible job of capturing Jinx and her free-spirited personality. I LOVE the way she's always flirting with the camera, and her look of child-like wonder as the city of Piltover explodes sums up everything about her. And the song! It really sounds like Jinx singing to me, and it's as if the lyrics come straight out of her head. She really comes to life here in a way that I never imagined when she was just a glimmer in RiotTeaTime's eye. I was lucky to have the chance to be a fly on the wall (and pitch a couple of Jinx's crimes) during the making of, and it was a huge treat to see it take shape. Sometimes Riot reminds you that it is no ordinary company to work for, and this is one of those moments."

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